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Oh thanks didn't want to bother ya with it ;)
Hey Thank you! 8)

It popped 2 achiviements when I opened the game but dont bother I can fix them when I complete it inside the game ;)

for the curious they were these 2 below:

Not Fun - Die 10 times

Drillin billy - Mine lots of asteroids (100 mine cycles to be precise)!

Anyway thanks for the help <3
Help section / I would like to request erasing my data!
January 22, 2023, 10:48:35 AM
Hello there! I'm playing the VoidExpanse but I tryed to reset the achiviements with SAM (Steam Achiviement Manager) but they pop up all the same time, so I would like to reset my data in your side so I can play from the start. Hope there is no problem for it.

Will let my steam profile below.