v2.1.1 - Mod/Playtesting with unpacked assets

Started by Yrol Denjeah, April 02, 2018, 02:55:40 AM

Yrol Denjeah

How do i unpack Core.cpk and DLC1.dpk properly?

I am stumped. ( i use the latest version of VE and the DLC, both work just fine as unpacked files )

I got the core working, currently at D:\!_steam\steamapps\common\VoidExpanse\Core\Core.cpk\

I tried the same with the DLC:D:\!_steam\steamapps\common\VoidExpanse\dlc1\dlc1.cpk\
To no avail.

In Documents\atomictorchstudio\VoidExpanse\Logs\Client_VoidExpanse_2018-04-02_11-48.log
i am getting this message then: 2.4.18 11:48:19.2358 [IMP] Hooking expansion: DLC1 -> mod file is <not hooked>

Ingame the DLC is also noted as NOT being installed
No Berries!


Example of ModsConfig.xml for unpacked Core with DLC:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

Yrol Denjeah

Thank you :o)
I moved the folder and renamed it. Now the game recognizes the DLC and
the ModsConfig.xml was automatically changed to the one you posted.

I had the .dpk ending at one time in the foldername, but did not try to move it to the Core folder.
No Berries!