Virtual Reality for Void Expanse! Custom Oculus Touch Mapping!

Started by ninekorn, July 15, 2018, 07:46:17 PM



I have found back my project and will be unveiling very soon. I now have the Windows 10 image necessary in the case things start getting sour again and lose all capacity to have access to a decent OS. Soon of course also, I will buy my windows 10 activation key hehe.

I have made a ton of Virtual Desktop Screen Capture programs and now I was able to mix those with the Jitter Physics engine and soon to be BepuV1 and BepuV2. I already have working (laggy for the moment - fix coming soon) of all 3 physic engine working in VR. I will soon make videos and show this.


 -oculus rift cv1 only -

Virtual Desktop for running video games in Virtual reality using the ab3d.dxengine and ab3d.OculusWrap and ab3d.dxengine.OculusWrap. but only 2 void expanse keys are mapped i think, and the whole 3rd person controller isn't finished yet. it's still very ugly and probably no one would want to pay for those projects anyway in their current state. They are drafts and weren't even ready for release anywhere on steam or the oculus store as everything is still unfinished.

Virtual Desktop for running video games in Virtual reality using the ab3d.oculusWrap only. no controls mapped yet for void expanse.

i didn't want to revive this old thread but i thought i had lost all of my backup projects at the virtual desktop program for void expanse. but trying to sort a bit of my projects on this unorganized backup drives and emails and i didn't realise that the project had been right under my nose while checking if the controls were mapped in void expanse or not... Some of them are and it's easy to map the rest. I thought i should just release it as soon as possible even in it's unfinished state, as a draft repository that i should just keep updating as i program... It was such a wrong idea to keep all of my working basic starter programs including my own virtual desktop. I should have shared those programs when the oculus rift cv1 was still a bit more popular in 2018. it's better than never though but also it's only last year 2020 that i started uploading my first projects on github, i didn't even know how to upload anything there before...

but the keyboard clicks and mouse aren't completely mapped to the Oculus Touch controllers yet on any of my Virtual Desktop projects.

This only works with the oculus rift cv1. so there is nothing really that exciting anymore except that the idea can be multiplied to cover tons and tons of other 2d video games which are also moddable. I thought there could have been a market for that and i wanted to start with the virtual desktop for void expanse, with the virtual desktop working for elite dangerous too. But i am having a buggy time trying to make the overlay work for steamVR in elite dangerous.

I hope the atomic torch team won't mind me posting this message here today, as it was really long in the making and still isn't perfect, but at least everyone now knows where i am at.