[Client+Server] Crybox (incompatible since A23 version)

Started by Formifer, April 27, 2019, 08:31:50 AM


I put up a preload to Nexus Mods, if anyone wants a copy before launch, as long as the devs dont do any more changes while we are waiting it should work completly on server update.

As for those who dont want to bother with nexus mod site, you can wait and ill post when the copy on google drive has been updated.


Hopefully there won't be any changes :)

At least those, that would affect compatibility with mods.


Server and mod have been updated to the next update.

Server name has changed as im moving from vanilla fallout, and heading towards newer ideas based around multiple ideas

Server new name: "Cataclysm | PVPVE"

Issues resolved server is now playable.

Both Nexusmods, and Google Drive have been updated to newest mod version.