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CryoFall - Patch notes v0.22.x (PvE Update)
« on: May 13, 2019, 05:52:27 am »
=== CryoFall v0.22.x ===

New major features and improvements:
   - PvE (player versus environment) game servers! You can setup your server to be either classical unrestricted PvP or this new PvE mode. We will provide a number of official servers in every region for this mode as well.
   - New Politics (or Diplomacy) menu where you can access things like raiding information, Newbie Protection, Duel Mode, Party management and such.
   - Implemented raiding time window feature for PvP servers. This should encourage actual online PvP with people actively protecting their base. Given that this feature is highly experimental we are planning to run polls for each of the official servers first, where you—the players—will be able to decide whether you want to see it enabled and how. We don't want to force any such changes on you. If we see overwhelming support for this feature and there will be a reasonable consensus on the actual time for the raid window then we will enable it for a particular server. Community server owners are also free to configure the raiding hours as they wish or even disable the feature altogether.
   - Added Chinese Simplified and Traditional localization.

New content:
   - New buildings: armored walls, metal floor, large double doors (gates), large cistern (to store large quantities of liquid) and Tier 5 land claim (available in Tier 4 tech group).
   - New braided helmet with a lantern for early game hands free lighting.
   - River snail (new peaceful creature, will drop goo in the future, but right now a bit useless :-) ).
   - New decorations: pragmium statue, red banner.
   - Hunter tools to help you loot creatures faster.
   - New mutation mechanics for PvE servers. Since you don’t lose any items upon death there has to be a way to prevent people from “naked runs” into rad towns. So if you die while under influence of radiation—you will receive permanent mutation status effect which can only be cured with expensive medicine. While under influence of this effect you cannot enter irradiated areas (exactly the same as current “Weakened” status effect).
   - Medicine against mutation (available only on PvE servers).
   - New quests—crafting better tools, deconstruct with a crowbar.
   - Expanded game map. Bigger western tropics region, a few new small points of interest in the south and significantly expanded spawn zone for new players to lessen the problem with cluttering of bases in the starting region.

   - All empty technology nodes have been removed from the game making progression much faster (yay!)
   - Improved resource claiming mechanics (Li, oil) with better messages and clearer indications. The countdown will also tick in the notification.
   - Dropped loot notification was also improved to have the ticking countdown so you are always aware when it will expire. The game will also display notifications about the dropped loot (which could still be taken) on reconnect.
   - Made repairing and upgrading all land claims much cheaper (and no electronic components required for repairing). But claim area size for the first level of land claim is reduced by 1 tile in each direction (with all upgrades increasing the radius by 1 as always).
   - Improved build/repair/deconstruct mechanics in the game. Now you can easily repair damaged floors or walls even through another wall. You can also build and repair in corners. You can also deconstruct through walls which could be useful to upgrade walls in a multi layered arrangements. Meanwhile, the building placement distance is decreased to make it more reasonable given the above.
   - Many technologies have been moved around, including between tiers to make progression more logical. E.g. now you unlock metal canisters in T2 industry, making it possible to use them even without unlocking Xenogeology.
   - Walls outside of (green) land claim area have a significantly lower durability (easy to destroy with simple melee weapons). Wall strength indicator overlay is now added to denote whether walls are protected by a landclaim or not.
   - Now you can drain the barrel or cistern in case you want to quickly discard its contents.
   - Notification to spend accumulated LP will use the current death LP threshold instead of 50 LP.
   - Adding all party members into the owners/access list is now possible with a single click on a special button in land claim, doors or armored safe.
   - Shortcut Shift+LMB on a recipe will schedule crafting MAX amount automatically (unless the recipe is not cancellable in which case the crafting amount is limited to 5).
   - New shortcut for quick structure selection in the construction menu—select construction for building by a double clicking on in it.
   - "Ground bag" will always open UI on interaction instead of simply taking up all the items.
   - Added small light sources to T2-T5 land claim buildings.
   - Recent damage sources are now stored in the world snapshot so even in case of server restart the info will not be lost.
   - Now construction mode highlights all restricted tiles making it easier to see where you can and cannot build during land claim construction.
   - You can now deconstruct destroyed walls (by using standard interaction function with RMB-click).
   - West tropical biome is expanded. Some map areas were adjusted a bit to make them more interesting.
   - Now all servers in the main menu will auto-refresh while menu is kept open.

Social improvements:
   - Server admins can now edit the server welcome message right from inside the game.
   - Chat: now it's possible to close private chats. The history log is not lost and it will be reopened in case a new messages are received.
   - Chat: private chat will keep unread status even between the game sessions so you will not miss a new private message when you login next time.
   - Chat: improved private chat tabs sort order (newer chats will always move to bottom).
   - Chat: chat log will not scroll automatically on new messages if you have scrolled it above until you scroll it back or press Enter.
   - Chat: chat log will no longer move when entering more text lines in the chat input textbox—the textbox will increase in the downward direction not affecting the chat log.
   - Chat: unread notification will not be displayed when a message is coming to the currently selected tab while the game window is focused.
   - Added a notification when a party invite is successfully sent.
   - Added name selection confirmation dialog when selecting the username on the first launch.
   - Added a console command for server administrators to broadcast notification to all online players: (/admin.notifyAll "message text goes here").

   - Restored bomb damage to the level it was supposed to be making raiding much more viable on PvP servers. We are still open to further balancing changes and we will take this slowly and see what else needs to be changed to make raiding and defending more interesting and balanced. This is very important part of the game and we need to be extra careful and take things slowly.
   - “Active Raid” state duration (inability to build/repair in the land claim area during the raid with bombs) increased to 10 minutes (from previous 5) since the last bomb explosion near or inside the land claim area.
   - All chests (except armored safe) are now unlocked by default as before and could be accessed by anyone. No need to destroy them to take the contents.
   - Walls, doors and chests which are outside of any land claim area are made significantly weaker to prevent players from abusing them to create obstacles for other players.
   - Lithium ore drop from salt minerals in the desert is increased: now you have 100% chance to get 1-2 items per salt mineral. Additionally, density of minerals in salt flats have been roughly doubled.
   - Significantly increased durability of all watering cans (except wood).
   - Changed balance for 10mm armor piercing ammo as well as both types of .300 ammo.
   - Reduced safe storage inside land claim to 8 slots and made it independent of land claim level. Otherwise it was possible to store someone’s entire wealth in a couple of high level land claims.
   - Maximum number of land claims per player is now set to 3. You can unlock it when unlocking land claims in tiers 1, 2 and 3.
   - Grace/buffer area (grey color) size for all tiers of land claims is expanded to make it as large as the maximum land claim size (T5) with its grace area. You can have peace of mind that you will always be able to upgrade your land claim all the way up to T5 without need to worry about the intersections with other players' land claims.
   - Disallowed placing land claims in a way that grace areas would intersect. The grace area of the future land claim will be visible during the land claim blueprint placement.
   - You can now craft pharmaceutical chemicals. But we still recommend finding them in the ruins, as it's much more cost efficient.
   - Charcoal recipe is now available in the furnace as well (previously it was available only in campfires)
   - Increased Laser rapier durability to 500 (doubled).
   - Pragmium source nodes in the desert will spawn more often.
   - The game will display healthbar and nickname for all party members at night.
   - Li/oil deposits spawn will ensure larger distance to land claims.
   - Building near the recently spawned resource deposits restricted completely (not only land claims but any buildings).
   - Building and deconstruction will now give experience (and LP) when the final stage is finished or when the last remaining stage is deconstructed. Additionally, deconstruction of blueprints will not provide any EXP or LP to prevent exploiting the system (since you do not lose any resources making it possible to infinitely grinding EXP/LP, now it’s fixed).
   - Now "construction finished" sound effect is played on completed repair instead of a generic "action completed" ding sound.
   - “No friendly fire” feature for parties no longer applies to bombs damage to prevent exploiting this during raids.
   - Owners editor UI improved to be more compact and fit more players in the list.
   - Order of several quests have been rearranged for more logical progression.
   - Light flickering in the dark no longer affects visibility of character names and healthbars. Now they also use fade in/out effect so they will not pop-in instantly.
   - Raid block will now also be enabled in case any wall, door or chest is destroyed within the land claim area (i.e. not only from bomb explosions).
   - Better droplist roll algorithm (more friendly towards the server droplist rate increase).
   - "Unstuck" feature will now place player somewhere nearby (but outside of land claims) instead of tropics. Only if there is no space it will teleport player to the starting area.
   - Now the "unstuck me" feature is disabled when raid block is active.
   - Improved construction process (blueprint won't be displayed over newply placed structure or the already built structure of the same type).
   - Increased pineapple spawn vs other bushes in the tropics.
   - Now it's not possible to deconstruct any buildings (except destroyed walls) during the raid block (as it could be used to reset the raid block).
   - Gathering will not cancel now even if the inventory is full. Any items that don't fit in the inventory will simply drop to ground and notification will be displayed.

(part 2 below)
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Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.22.x (PvE Update)
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2019, 07:32:14 am »
(part 1 above)

   - Server save backup files will be not hidden anymore.
   - Modding: now it's possible to add new client options and new languages without breaking compatibility with the game servers.
   - Modding: added new interfaces (for crates, extractors, wells).
   - SkillExperienceGainMultiplier server rate will no longer affect LP gain related to skills activity (when needed it can be separately adjusted via LearningPointsGainMultiplier).
   - Server rates file now includes default rates information. Also, all the rates are disabled by default—you need to explicitly enable them if you want to introduce any changes. You can do so by removing the # char in the beginning of the rate name. This will help us with future updates compatibility when we might need to modify the default values.
   - Offline raiding protection: raiding hours or window could be configured via console command for server operators: /admin.setRaidingWindow [...args]
   - Significantly improved network connection stability to the server even in a high packet loss conditions (such as when connecting via unstable wi-fi).
   - Better consistency regarding the game objects updating rate.
   - Various optimizations and minor improvements (and much less logging for the stuff you're not interested about unless you switch the log severity to the info level).

   - Sometimes it was not possible to walk close between walls and crates in some cases.
   - Fixed kill quest not finishing when a creature was killed by status effect (such as toxin effect from a toxic ammo).
   - Fixed an issue where a certain wall layout and character position would allow attacks to pass through walls.
   - Fixed an issue that would cause opened doors to be struck when attempting to attack a target through them on the other side.
   - Fixed an issue with server scripts compilation when the second compiler call passed through without validation. The compilation is also improved so the game server will not make further compile requests if the latest compilation failed and no changes in scripts were done since then.
   - Fixed an issue (common on some community servers with excessively high server rates) when after reaching 65535 LP players were not able to perform certain actions until they died and lost their LP :)
   - Applied workaround to ensure mouse scroll wheel will always correctly apply scrolling even while Shift key is pressed.
   - UI textbox input will repeat only the last held key.
   - Fixed issue with the Editor starting to reload reload scripts (on modify) when a new map is loaded/created.
   - Not installed implants (from inventory or hotbar) were not dropped on the character death (as if they were installed).
   - Fixed several cases when placing items on the ground resulted in items desync.
   - Official servers will be wiped (on 16th of May). Enjoy a fresh start in a new economy!
   - Community server owners can choose whether to update or not.
   - If you host a game server - please update to the latest version (the savegame from <game root>/Data folder should be deleted manually as the game will be unable to load it due to incompatibilities between the versions). Here is the server update guide!
   - If you have any compilation errors on launch - please make sure to disable all mods you have installed. You could also contact mod authors to ask them to update their mods to the latest specification defined in this version.
   - If you're interested to see what's actually changed in code with this version please see our Github commit for this update (553 changed files with 24,197 additions and 2,805 deletions).

And finally, please consider leaving a review for the game if you haven't done so yet! :)
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Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.22.x (PvE Update)
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2019, 05:52:07 pm »
A22 hotfix 1 (v0.22.1.10):
* Fixed an issue with food degrading too quickly and trees regenerating too fast (often when you just hit them).
* Fixed an issue when it was forbidden to gather farm plants of other players on PvP servers.
* Expanded unclaimable area around oil/Li deposits for players who don't have Xenogeology tech.

A22 hotfix 2 (v0.22.1.11):
* Fixed network issue when the server was suddenly becoming inaccessible for 10-15 minutes.
* Fixed server physics threads race condition.
* Fixed items desync issues such as an issue when just crafted item doesn't show up in the inventory (until reconnect) when it's becoming full.
* Fixed new resource deposit spawn notification displayed incorrect coordinates.
* Fixed player characters sometimes despawning (removing from map while keeping items) on PvE server restart.
* Braided armor tech will unlock armorer workbench.
* PvE servers: opening other crates located in other players' land claims is forbidden now.

Please update client (restart Steam Client!).

A22 hotfix 3:
* All servers: better resync for items when desync is detected due to network latency.
* PvE: Disabled creatures damage to offline players.
* PvE: improved server performance (physics optimization for despawned players).

This is only a server patch, no client update necessary.

A22 hotfix 4 (v0.22.1.22):
* Added IME input support for Chinese and Korean.
* Players spawn zone extended to the whole temperate forest area.
* Respawn buttons now have small delay before enabling so you cannot misclick and skip the death message.
* Further increased no-claim area size around the fresh-spawned deposits so it will be definitely not possible to surround them and restrict other players from building a land claim there.
* Land claim footprint size restored to A21 size so you can again walk close between them and other structures (crates, farm, etc).
* Added glowing to pragmium statue.
* Shorter respawn timer for newbies.
* Notification about resource spawn will be removed when object disappears or when switching game
* Allow opening console to OP players even if Developer Mode is not enabled.
* The game will keep only 20 latest log files.
* Chat entry will display a context menu on left mouse button click. The context menu style is also improved.
* Improved Master Server connection (especially for players from China).
* Improved "server inaccessible" dialog message.
* Fixed land claim "only the owner could upgrade" message not displayed in some cases.
* Fixed steel gates and vertical doors inconsistent opening distance.
* Fixed local chat bubble text trimming (missing ... char in case of the trimmed text).
* Fixed inconsistent door opening sound volume in some cases.
* Fixed random crashes on exit.

This is a client and server update, however, the update is not required as it's compatible with the previous version.
If you're managing a community server—please update it.

A22 hotfix 5 (v0.22.1.24):
* Improved IME input support for Chinese.
* Added: basic profanity filter (for English only).
* Added: new server launch args which are useful for dedicated hosting, for example: "loadOrNew +server.ip +server.port 6100 +server.masterClientPort 7030 +server.maxplayers 13"
* Added: party max size is adjustable in the server rates config file (community servers could set any limitation on max party size).
* Change: game server will not (re)spawn in world near radtowns and other restricted zones.
* Change: new restriction—land claim building cannot be built too close to another land claim building.
* Change: disabled creature damage to offline player characters.
* Change: improved weapon reloading timings (previously it included the weapon fire cooldown duration).
* Fixed: item unintended placing/swapping when clicking and moving item over another slot.
* Fixed: it was possible to place items on ground through the wall and other obstacles.
* Fixed: incorrect bomb damage propagation near some large objects such as steel gates.
* Fixed: typing immediately after the backspace press didn't produced a char.
* Fixed: server startup with "load" argument when a savegame file is not found will display a proper error message.
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