Explosives skill suggestion - updated

Started by 4letr, May 27, 2019, 11:17:57 PM


This is an idea on how to promote bomb use and reward people that raid. This will also let you improve the power of explosives slightly due to a chance for the explosive to fail for the first 10 levels of proficiency.

The quicker or slower fuse setting at level 20 rewards players with some new options. Faster raiding or planting a bomb and running far away.

Skill for explosives. At 0 skill your primitive bomb has 50% chance to fail. Etc
At level 1 45%
At level 10 0%
At level 11 +1% damage etc
At level 12 +1% damage
At level 20 +1% damage and choice of fuse setting from 3 - 10 seconds.