Improving mod announcement template

Started by joaociocca, February 09, 2020, 04:44:59 PM


Hi there! New guy here, and I dunno if this would be the place, but it's my first post so excuse me and move for a better location if appropriate.

I'd just like to suggest one little improvement on the announcement template you guys use to include the id. I know it's in the .mpk file and all, but wouldn't it be a lot better for everyone if we could just download and copy the id from the same page? ;)

If this has been suggested and dismissed before, I apologize.

Also.. there's a launcher to use mods? Where/how can I find it? My Google-fu failed me searching for it...


Yes! We are definitely planning to make installation of mods easier and also  completely change the whole process.
Ideally installing mods should be a single click!
But there's just too must other things we must complete first. But we will definitely go back to mods and eventually rework it to make it easier.
Please, just give us a little bit of time and we will get there! :)