Land Claim: Access & Grid Control

Started by Avakyn, March 24, 2020, 05:32:05 AM


Access Control
Claims should be reconfigured to allow granting of individual powers that globally apply to the base. Doors, locked storage, and trade stations can retain their local settings for cases where you wouldn't want to add a player to the claim. Local permissions take priority over settings on the claim.

- Grant Access: These permissions are grantable only by the Claim Owner
Doors - Adds a player globally to all doors in a base.
Storage. - Adds a player globally to all locked storage in a base, such as vaults and/or others added later.
Builder - Allows a player to build on the claim but not deconstruct completed structures.
Land Owner - Works as adding someone to the claim works currently with the exception of not being able to deconstruct the claim(Only the Claim Owner can do this, see below). Full access to doors, locked storage and can build and deconstruct structures.

- Ungrantable: Claim Owner
The original builder is granted this automatically. Only the original builder can deconstruct the claim. This can be transferred by the owner if the receiving player has a claim available.

The Claim UI could look like this(Limited/No localization needed using art/icons instead of words):

The Door/Storage UI could look like this(Limited/No localization needed using art/icons instead of words):

Grid Control
Improved power grid interface on landclaims to allow more control over how power is handled in a base.

- Generator Override
Set generators on the claim to come online when the grid capacity reaches/falls below a set percentage.

- Circuit Breaker
Set consumers to be disconnected from the grid if the capacity reaches/falls below a set percentage.

The Claim UI could look like this:

To help/reduce localization costs use the icon that currently connects or disconnects a structure from the grid in place of the words: "Startup" and Shutdown"



- Power Transfer
An option in each power storage structure to either:

  • Transfer into the grid when there is available capacity without accumulating more charge on that structure
  • Or discharge to the grid over time but not charge.
So power storage structures that we intend to remove can be drained and deconstructed without wasting power stored in the grid.

- Lights Control
Since the game doesn't recognize rooms yet, your lights turn on whenever anyone walks close enough to your base. It would be nice if there was an option to set how they trigger.

  • Auto: Lights work as they do now.
  • Members Only: Only illuminates for members registered on the claim.
  • Off: Shuts down all light sources on the grid.


Nice stuff here Ava. I'm about to post some suggestions I have regarding team and clan features for base access and such, and some of these concerns regarding ownership and doors/landclaimer system is what I also observed it could be improved the way you suggested it.