Modification of start guide

Started by John Midnight, March 31, 2020, 06:58:29 AM

John Midnight

Hello, I'm a new player of Cryofall, and although I prefer single player games, I think this is an interesting game.
I just started, following the quest guide, and I begin placing the first constructions. The order is campfire, bedroll, workbench, cooking table, land claim and then walls. I placed my base near an ore zone, and before the land claim, I installed a door near one ramp. The I tried to install walls. I saw in a video that walls need to be 2 tiles from water, my surprise was that they need 3 tiles from a slope :o. Now all my base is screwed. I destroyed workbench and walls with a pick, but the door can't be destroyed.

I suggest that, in the guide, the placement of walls blueprints goes before placing the workbench. Or at least say clearly in the guide the limitations of placement of walls, so you can plan your base accordingly.

That's all :).


Yes, as a matter of fact we have already reworked that for the upcoming A26 version :)
The quest line and quest information have been significantly reworked to make all of that more clear and to help new players choose better place for their base.
I hope you can join the game after the A26 update and try all of the new features that it adds!