Ava's List

Started by Avakyn, May 03, 2020, 06:05:17 PM


Suggested changes:
Move Hoverboards to T4

Add T2 Vehicle, Motorized Bike
Runs on Camp Fuel or could be steam-powered.
Avoids peddling animation of the bicycle, thin profile like a hoverboard so it can go through forests, could use Centreless wheel to ease animation, etc

Add T3 Vehicle, Motorcycle
Upgrade from the Motorized Bike, runs on gas.
.. or ..
Rocket Bike?(Think Speeder Bikes from Starwars)
.. or ..
Rocket Skates? 😄 (Rollerblades with rockets if you want a borderlands/madmax feel)

Add T3 Vehicle, Utility Mech

  • Fueled by Gas.
  • Not for combat, arm modules would be Chainsaw and Jackhammer, equipped one at a time. Faster Woodcutting and Mining.
  • Large internal storage for resources, fills from chainsaw/jackhammer(items can't be put in manually)
  • High armor, and fast movement(use Continuous track propulsion to prevent silly fast feet) for escaping, or jump jets so it can jump down cliffs to escape.

    Jump jets could also act as a short-range teleport(Mech flys up on the screen and lands somewhere else nearby), perhaps a spot selected in a map UI when the jump is initiated. It could have a short take-off time, so in PVP you could have EMP grenades if used properly, stop an escape.

Add T3 Vehicle, Muel Mech

  • Fueled by Gas.
  • Not for combat. Used to transport large amounts of items.
  • Storage modules: storage for anything.
  • High armor, and fast movement(use Continuous track propulsion to prevent silly fast feet) for travel/escaping. Or jump jets as described above.

Add Composting Plant to T3 Electricty
This could allow for faster production of Mulch, combining waste as a mulch box does with water and electricity.

Change Oil Refinery to or add Chemical Plant

  • Move cracking of Mineral oil into Gas to T3 Chemistry
    Mineral oil is less valuable in T3, a good time to convert it to gas.
    Cracking should use water + mineral oil  + work(electricity, remove gold bars) in the Chemical Plant.
  • Allow bottles to be placed in Chemical Plant for cracking Mineral Oil.

Move Water pump to T3 Electricity

Change Large Power Storage in T3 to Medium Power Storage
Add new Large Power Storage to T4 Electricity.

Add Moisture Vaporator to T4 Electricity to allow water collection in the desert and swamp.

Allow Nightvision goggles and flashlights to run on power banks when equipped. (If it is easier just have F refill from the power bank instead of a battery. If batteries are in inventory they have priority.)

Destroyed mechs could leave behind a destroyed mech "corpse" that would give the pilot a bit of cover (can't shoot through it in either direction).

  • This corpse would provide salvage after a cooldown period(Think meteorites heat) when mined with a pickaxe to reduce the cost of building a new mech.
  • Salvage could be used at the tinker table (Separate tab) and turn into a random vehicle part for a mech.
  • The mech corpse could be claimed by anyone in PVP, ownership is retained in PVE. If left untouched for a while it could despawn to prevent world clutter.
  • Vehicles could do this as well but they wouldn't provide cover as they are much smaller.
  • Might need a separate salvage type. Small(Vehicle) Large(Mech) Salvages? Or Light Salvage, Heavy Salvage.

Add Coal to Tropical Forest
Add Volcano on the Southern edge of the map between the two Tropical Forest biomes and expand the Tropical Forest biomes to surround it.

Expand NW Volcano into a full Volcanic Biome like the size of the desert.

Special Resources:

  • Pragmium Spires(Like Desert)
  • Perlite?(Farming)
  • Salt
  • Crushed/High-Density Basalt/Diabase Rock? (Concrete Reactor Shielding)
  • Also possible: Sulfur, Zinc, Silver, Copper, Gold, and Uranium.
  • Precious Gems: Opals, Obsidian, Flourite, Gypsum, Onyx, Hematite, etc.

Add Aerogel to T4 Chemistry. Aerogel could be incorporated into armor vs heat weapons (Plasma, Flamethrower?)
Add Aerogel Insulation to T4 Construction. Allows building of aerogel insulated variant for walls, floors, doors required to build in the volcanic biome.
Add Geothermal Generator to T4 Electricity (Alternative to Solar Panels in Volcanic Biome as Ash clouds make Solar power there useless)

Just some ideas for the game. Many of them would take a lot of work so I don't expect anything here to come true, but perhaps the developers will find some inspiration from this list. :)


Nice list Avakyn! I practically like all these ideas myself and to an extent, I believe this is certainly around the ballpark for CryoFall. Adding utility mech is definitely one of those on the list that struck me the most, I do believe there should be more methods for enhancing woodcutting and mining for folks in higher tiers, something like this would be my late game preference ;D makes me get flashbacks from my Starbound gameplay.


Some great ideas here, really like the utility mech idea.


An excellent list of ideas, any of which would add to the players experience of the game. The utility and mule mechs in particular would be a great addition. Being able to add attachments for mining or cutting down trees, would make the resource gathering less of a grind as the game moves forward. I can see a situation where players could design their own mechs, perhaps a theme or skin. The fact that these types of mechs aren't for combat shouldn't change the in game balance.
I am also a fan of the development of the volcano biome. Having a thermal generation system, and having to research new techs in order to build in the volcano biome will add another level to the end game.
Keep the suggestions coming :)