behemoth mech disappeared overnight

Started by two94, September 29, 2020, 08:44:17 AM


Overnight my behemoth despawned in the game world--i noticed it was not there when the game gave me a notification that my hoverboard was available in the garage.

This occurred on the Official America (North) PvE server, overnight from 28 August to 29 August 2020.

Both vehicles were inside land claims.

The behemoth was inside a land claim that did not have a garage attached.

The behemoth had items inside it (some fairly good stuff, actually).

The hoverboard may have been inside a different land claim than the behemoth (i forget where i'd left it because i have three land claims in short walking distance from each other); it may've been inside a land claim with the garage attached.

edited to add: no one else had permissions to use things inside any of my land claims.

I can try to provide more specific details if they'll help.



Thanks for reporting! This is odd, we've got just maybe two reports like this one about a suddenly disappering vehicles so far.

PvE server moves your vehicles into the garage when they've left outside the owned land claim for 4 hours.
The garage is shared between all the land claims. It doesn't require a presence of the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Bay) in a particular land claim. In fact, you don't even need to have a VAB in order to get your vehicle put into the garageΓÇöthe garage is not something attached to a world object. It's just a global system containing a list of all the vehicles and their statuses (in world/despawned/etc)ΓÇöthe server determines which ones you own and provides them to you when you browse any VAB.

If you don't see a vehicle in the list of your vehicles in a VAB, then it's either:
1. destroyed and removed from the world (lost in a battle)
2. you no longer have control over it (passed to someone else)
3. or we actually have a bug!

To help us investigate this issue please provide more details:
0. Please confirm that you definitely don't see this mech in the vehicles list on this server.
1. Your username.
2. When approximately you have built this mech (if you can recall the date).

I will check the server log and try to reconstruct the events order that happened with your mech. We need to determine the vehicle ID first so then we can search it in the logs.



0) i can confirm that i did not see the mech in the list of vehicles in the VAB--i did get a notification of the my hoverboard being in the VAB and was able to recall it from there--that is what prompted me to look for the mech.
2) my username is tango-whiskey-oscar-94
3) i built the mech probably a few days ago--i didn't use it in any queen fights yesterday, or the day before, but i did use in the a queen fight Saturday the 27th (i think)

4) of note, and i'm not sure if this would make any difference at all, but because the mech was new, i had never used the VAB to recall it. i had previously used the VAB to recall the hoverboard. not sure if that'd make a difference, but i'd only ever built the mech and walked it around--never summoned it. i have since built a new one and it shows as "in the world" in my VAB garage--but before i built the new one, it was only the hoverboard.


I was going for the queen and... well my 4 mechs vanished from my bay, can't find them, I had a lot of stuff in them, sucks :(

On PVE America, username Mars24, built all 4 a while ago, they were in my base, not destroyed and not gave them to anyone.

I had my gold amor and gun in one of them, full of stuff...


@two94,@Mars, guys, thanks for the info! That's very worrying...

I've copied the backups of the server world for three days so hopefully I can find the mechs in the past, get their IDs, and search in the logs to read what's happened with them.

Alas, with the A28 Experimental launch I'm a bit overwhelmed right now. But I will be back to check the issues soon and A28 will deliver a lot of fixes and improvements (without PvE servers wipe).

Meanwhile, if you need resources to recover your loss, Lurler could provide them. Just send him a PM by using this link;sa=send;u=1



Looks like this is what happened.  Your fix for this issue deleted our mechs.  I was not playing that day and I am 100% sure my mechs were not near the queen.


Quote from: Mars on September 30, 2020, 10:22:32 AM
Looks like this is what happened.  Your fix for this issue deleted our mechs.  I was not playing that day and I am 100% sure my mechs were not near the queen.
We didn't change anything yet regarding that problem. All the changes are scheduled for A28 Update as A27 branch was frozen long ago.


It was the same day, you didn't deleted mechs about these guys blocking entrances?


I don't play much anymore so I don't know all the stuff I had in them.  But I lost 2 Behemoth, 1 Manul and 1 Skipper.  I had to borrow a mech to do the queen... thats bad


Quote from: Mars on September 30, 2020, 10:26:20 AM
It was the same day, you didn't deleted mechs about these guys blocking entrances?
Not that I'm aware of. @Lurler could reply tomorrow as he was processing this report. But, there is no delete vehicle command. The only thing Lurler might have done is kicking/banning these players but as far as I know we didn't kick/ban anyone for a very long time.

Anyway, we have the logs and the savegame backups for three days, should be plenty of info to investigate what happened.


Ok, well thanks.  At least I don't have all my golds and ingots in there, this is an idea I had once.  But I think there are more players who lost mechs, someone was saying he lost a mech full of ammos.


@two94, I've investigated the issue. Unfortunately, the server's logging severity was not low enough to gather most data. The history of the lost mech ends with you exiting it...

I've noticed that a message for the destroyed vehicle cannot be logged due to a low severity of this log entry (we will fix this as it's actually an important information!).

So I have a suspicion that the vehicle was destroyed. In the savegame taken yesterday I've noticed that the new mech you've built is staying on a Vehicle Assembly Bay and it's not inside a base. While other players cannot damage it directly, creatures can do this. And players can lure a creature to damage it.

Is by any chance your mech that you have lost was also standing on this Vehicle Assembly Bay (and so was not put into a garage)?

And question to @Mars, are your mechs were also standing on a VAB (not put inside a garage) so there is a chance somebody might have lured creatures and destroyed them?


it was not on the VAB--i had it in my oil base just north of the one with the VAB. it was, however, outside and not walled in, so i suppose it could've been destroyed by mobs in the ways you've described. as far as the new one, i think i'll build an enclosed garage for it. hopefully that'll prevent future issues


Some in my oil base, and some in my main base, not on the bay, just inside the base.  So you are saying that someone using a bear can come in our bases and destroy the mechs?

Can they steal the stuff going on the ground after unlock???

Well I lost a lot in them, I'll just wait the next wipe. thanks


Thank you for providing all of the information! At least it is now clear where the issue is. We will make the necessary changes in A28 to ensure that players in PvE cannot have their vehicles lost/destroyed this way.
We are going to release the update in just a few days, so it will definitely help.