Behemoth disappeared

Started by Dragonshear, October 01, 2020, 11:58:36 AM


My Behemoth disappeared between 9/30/2020 and 10/1/2020.  I am on "Official (North) PvE".

character name: Dragonshear

It was last used and then stored at a vehicle bay in a land claim that was removed.  It would have been in the garage though and is no longer available at the other vehicle bays.



I think it's is the same issue as was reported recently here
As we've found out, In PvE the mechs that are not put in garage could be destroyed by malicious player by luring a creature and standing between the mech and the creature. This way it's also possible to take stuff that was in the mech cargo. Putting the mech into garage or building walls around the base prevents the issue, but it's a little help when your mech is already destroyed by someone.

If you need resources to recover your loss, @Lurler could provide them. Just send him a PM by using this link;sa=send;u=1

For the upcoming A28 Update we've made several changed in PvE regarding vehicles:
1. Players cannot block each other (passing through) preventing pushing and blocking problems. The same applies to vehicles so mechs (with or without the pilot) cannot be used to block passage to the boss or a mining area.
2. Creatures (except boss) cannot damage vehicles without pilots. This way it's no longer possible to lure a creature to destroy a vehicle by standing between it and a vehicle.
3. It's possible to take vehicles that have "Docked" status from other vehicle assembly bays (previously it was required to go to that particular VAB where it's docked).
4. Destroyed vehicles will drop its content tagged for its owner so other players cannot steal it.