Cryofall Unlimited server

Started by MightyMonte88, December 08, 2020, 02:12:50 PM


My friends and i will be hosting a modded server soon with a collection of mods/changes to the game we thought would be fun.

Server is back up, wiped and updated. It's being hosted by a community member now, and because of that the server can support up to 100 people now  :)

Here's a link to the mod page for Tech Expansion 5.0
Discord for our mod and server

I have repackaged the mod so that all you need to do is follow the simple install instructions, and drag and drop files from the new link supplied on the tech expansion 5.0 page

Server info
Server name : Cryofall Unlimited
Server rates will be X5, LP will be X2
Party size will be unlimited, and land claim per person is 6
Will be running the new Paralith map, with a massive complex in the north with a higher Raider NPC spawn rates, and additional loot crates and rewards.

Server info
Server rates will be X5, LP will be X2
Party size will be unlimited, and number of claims will be pretty flexible
Running paralith map with NPC raider bases, NPC boss mechs, tribesmen that spawn in the wild

Contents of mod

Added two tiers of spears
   stone spear - craftable by hand
   iron spear - craftable from workbench, unlocked from Tier I Industry

   New lockable steel crates, large and small, unlockable in tier II and III construction
   New large safe, unlockable in tier III construction
   new tier Super Heavy structures, unlockable in tier 5 Advanced industry
      Walls floors doors and gates
      Very strong, twice that of armored steel, but very expensive
   Increased production speed of all machines / crafting stations
   Increased storage of fridges and slighty increase to freshness keep of large fridges
   Increased solar panel electricity production

   Tactical crossbow and steel tip arrows - craftable at weapons bench, unlocked in tier III offense
   ThermoPragmium bomb - craftable at weapons bench, unlocked in tier V advanced industry
      Very expensive, has the same blast radious as a pragmium node explosion, but unlike
      resonate bomb, it does not penetrate armor layers.
      4X power of a modern bomb
   Integrated weapons content from Crybox mod, weapons and ammo from Crybox mod can only be obtained from loot crates
      Includes many new types of weapons and ammo

   Added crafting recipe to mineral processing plant, converts ore+copper ore to stone
   Superior drone controller and drones - craftable at workbench, unlocked in tier V Advanced Industry
      Drones are simply next tier up from advanced industrial, controller can command up to 6 drones

   New tier 5 Advanced Industry technology node

   Refined pragmium - crafted at forge, unlocked in tier V Advanced industry
   Needed to craft many things from Advanced Industry

New medical item and stimulant
   A new type of medicinal stimulant can be found in loot containers, and very rarely seeds of the plant that this stimulant can be made from can be found in loot containers

   All mechs inventory size increased
   New mech, Scout. Has less damage resistance than the skipper, and higher fuel consumption, but moves twice as fast and boasts a huge cargo capacity, also has brighter lights for scouting.
   Added hoverboard Mk3, lighter, much faster version of the Mk3, much less armor and higher crafting cost, has medium cargo bay
   Added small cargo bay to Mk2 hoverboard

   Increased inventory space, and 2 extra hotbar slots

Integrated farming plus into tech expansion to keep the mod installation process as simple as possible.

As of tech expansion 2.0 update (12/17/20)

reduced agro range of raider NPCs
set super heavy gate crafting cost to be more than super heavy wall
   reduced refined pragmium costs slightly of all super heavy structures

Increased electric furnace speed, and added X5 recipes to electric furnace
removed vanilla guns from new weapon loot crates

Added advanced sprinkler, available in tier5 advanced industry
   has 2.5X watering range of normal sprinkler, and larger internal water storage

Added advanced toolbox, unlocked in  tier 5 advanced industry
   has 2X crafting speed boost of steel toolbox and 2x the durability

Added Hybrid medical herbs, unlocked in tier 4 farming
   Harvests for green,red, and purple herbs all at once

New tiers of raiders, lighter tier raiders with metal/leather armor equipped with 10mm SMG, bolt action rifle, and double barrel shotguns
            heavier tier raiders with assault/military armor equipped with heavy MG, light rifle, and military shotguns

Added tribesmen , leather tier armor armed with crossbows, replaces raiders in the wild.

Added new mineral, uranium and uranium ore

New material uranium ingots
   **warning, all nuclear materials should be handled with care, everything from uranium ore, to fuel ingots

New ammo, Depleted uranium rounds, very high armor piercing cabality, and deals slight radiation damage to targets.
   Calibers, 10mm, .300

New weapons
   Beltgun, slow firing .300 caliber machine gun
   Player minigun, extremely fast firing 10mm revolving barrel machine gun, has poor accuracy and long reload time
   Automatic Laser Rifle, high crafting cost and higher energy usage for automatic rate of fire, less range than laser rifle
   Automatic grenade launcher
        Automatic crossbow
Mech weapons
   Automatic laser cannon
   .300 caliber minigun

Raised skill caps to 50, and 100 on select skills. added skill bonuses to match

Added new ammo bench, can craft all standard types of ammo, as well as advanced ammo for craftable weapons
   recipes in X5
   Can also craft nitro / black powder in X5

Added laser shotgun and laser scattergun
   laser shotgun has higher damage with a tighter pattern, faster rate of fire, high energy usage
   laser scatter gun is more primitive, very slow rate of fire, huge scatter, huge energy consumption but available early in tier 3

Added Auto plasma rifle
   Doesn't have spread shot but instead offers high rate of fire

Added new beam rifle
   Deals heavy radiation damage. Fires a constant beam, can also daze and cause the target to become sick

Increased ammo capacity and fire rate of automatic crossbow

Added Toxic, Broadhead, and explosive arrows
   Toxic arrows deal toxic damage similiar to an 10mm toxic round. Broadhead arrows are great for unarmoed targets

Added flak cannon for behemoth mech
   fires small artillery shells, medium rate of fire, low damage.

Added new boss tier raider NPCs to replace broken mech boss
   new boss NPCs are equipped with super heavy armor, laser and plasma rifles.
   boss mods have really good drops including gems
Added new implant NanoFiber Muscle Tissue
   Increases movement speed and a variety of stats by 15%, increases stamina consumption rate and hunger



Updated for A29 and tech expansion 5.0, server is being hosted by a community member now, and because of that it can support up to 100 people  :)