Add smarter machines

Started by Alp, January 08, 2021, 11:32:12 AM


Why not add more intelligent material collecting machines.
Set up the resources that need to be collected, and the machine can collect (set a certain distance not to exceed the player or the machine). It can be attacked by other players and get the booty. When the machine goes to collect, it is escorted by the player.
After all, it's silly to collect materials manually in the interstellar age.


Thank you for your suggestion, but adding full automation would make CryoFall a completely different game that it was envisioned as.

But frankly, the reason is technical. The servers need to support hundreds of people, but if automation it included there is no way to know what kind of load the server will have and even 10 people can create enough machines for the entire server performance to be consumed. So, it is not suitable for multiplayer when it has to support hundreds of people on the same server.

But we are certainly open to ideas for some small type of automation - for example as you know we recently added drones, so you don't need to collect resources yourself and can delegate that work to your industrial drones.