VoidExpanse development update #18

Started by Lurler, January 02, 2014, 07:17:55 PM


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QuoteHappy new year! And what is the best way to start a new year? Of course with a new build of the game! It's a shame that you can't try it yet. But we are working on it :)

Here is our list of updates this time:
    New main menu. It is still work in progress, but even what we have now is way better than what we had before! The background is animated with a ship flying through space.

    New galaxy map. As you can see it shows factions zones of influence and other information such as system names. You can hover the mouse over a system to see even more information.

    New system map. There is not much changes compared to previous version, but it looks way nicer than before.

    Aliens! I won't reveal much information about them, because I don't want to give you any spoilers, but here is one of their ships.

    Conquest system is finally working. You can visit alien systems, do *something* to reclaim them.
    Completed skill view and a whole lot of new skills for piloting category. Also a new skill system. Skill effects are divided into three categories for even more broader effects and ease of modding and extending.
    Whole lot of new quests. For now these are only the quests you can take multiple times. We will work on the main plot later.
    Music playlists. Depending on where you are you will have different music playing. And guess what? Even that is moddable. You can create new galaxy generator and make it setup new playlists for the systems it generates. Everything is procedurally generated :)
    Fancy galaxy generation / loading screen with status updates.
    Static turrets that defend some objects such as stations.
    New ship explosion effect.
    Optimizations: reduced memory footprint, some other optimizations.
    Other things: alien hives, completed hud, automatic docking to stations, visual jumpgate effects.