Feedback from 500 new players

Started by iamlunaticxd, May 21, 2021, 10:05:47 PM

Is this even playable for 5-10 size party

No cuz of chinese zerg
1 (100%)
No cuz of russian zerg
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I just got the game during 1.0 launch so i'm not the most experience out there. But during last 2-3 weeks this game has caught the attention of famous Thai streamer so a lot of Thai player started to play the game (i'm talking about like 300-500). I'm faction leader of 2nd biggest faction in Asia PvP during that time and here is my feedback to the game about problem we found. This is not just my opinion but also from more than half of active faction in Asia PvP server during last 2 weeks.

1.It's way too hard to actually raid someone even as tier 4-5 compare to the amount of effort you've to use to be completely safe from raiding. Explosives deal too little damage to building compare to the amount of resources you've to farm to even have a chance to raid tier 3 base. All you've to do is put A LOT of door inside your base and the opponent will surely run out of bombs before even getting to main part of your base. It's only possible to raid newbie or small group and just outresources them but at that point what's the point of 20v5 if their base isn't even worth half of resources you spent.

2.Zerg is too stupid. Ok we understand more players should always has advantage over smaller group but there's a way to balance things out for smaller group. Like in Albion. Most of the part being this game has almost no way for you to win with tactic if you get outnumbered because of mechanic and no fog of war. For example if 50 chinese players decide to roam around the map and killing everyone there's nothing you can do to be able to play the game.

3.Teleport should have cooldown. You shouldn't be able to teleport as freely as it is. We even decided to try this tactic ourselves which is gather group of 20-30 players and keep teleporting around the map and killing everyone with number. It's legit broken and uncounterable. All you have to do is swarm them and you'll win everytime.

This is just our feedback and it's fine if you want the game to stay as it is. More number + more playtime always win is currently the state of the game right now. It's not wrong but i doubt a lot of new player will stay for PvP if the moment they try to play the game they get swarmed by vet and always die. 80% of Thai players already quit the game. I hope some of these problems get adjust cuz i love the game personally and would like to play more of it in the future. But at this moment PvP is unplayable for small group or new player. You'll always get zerged by 50 chinese or russian player and die over and over and over.



Thank you for providing your feedback!

Balancing the PvP gameplay is very tough. We've worked on this over years and there are as many opinions regarding this as there are players...For the latest wipe (27th May) we've changed the server rates on the official PvP servers to make the game less grindy and allow players to develop and recover faster if they lose their equipment or get raided. Have you played this wipe or you didn't return?

Alas, there is no community CryoSmall/CryoFive servers for the Asia region that may provide small teams gameplay. But from our experience watching Global Clan Wars server over the years, often small teams were able to counter larger teamsΓÇöa lot depends on the positioning during the combat and whether you're effectively using AoE damage weapons (grenade launchers and mech artillery cannon).

Regarding the teleport system, we never heard any complaints regarding it before. Teleportation requires healing and it's not something that you can do unlimitedly due to accumulating medical overdose effect quickly (besides that, healing itself is costly and/or time-consuming and so makes you vulnerable after teleporting).

What would be your suggestions? What can we actually do to make the game better, in your opinion? Are you certain the proposed changes will not break the balance? E.g. we definitely don't want to make bombs much more accessible as it will allow even easier raiding of smaller bases (and lead defeated players to leave the game earlier).