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Started by J422, May 24, 2021, 07:30:49 AM


Hi Guys,

I am currently working on a system that reads the server logs and sends special information to an endpoint that processes the information and makes it available to VIa API.
For this I wrote a tool that hooks into the logs and analyzes them continuously to capture special events and send them to the endpoint.

I have planned such statistics like
- Which resources were collected how often
- How often died
- How often killed
- Who killed how often
- By whom how often died
- Which creeps and how often killed

This information can be sent in near real time to a Discord or retrieved from the API for independent use.

Currently a test server is running which is already collecting data: https://forums.atomictorch.com/index.php?topic=1994.0

Please leave me your opinion and ideas.

Greetings J422


In addition, a Discord bot is currently in development, which can also be used to access the data.

For example

- !online shows the current number of players on the server
- !statistics the current statistics
- The bot can also Mirror the Chat from the server in a special Discord channel
- and much more


an impression of the function in a Discord.
Still in development, the bot as well as the functionality I would then make available open source

(https://ibb.co/cgnNg9y) (https://ibb.co/cYD1j91)

I hope its fine for the CryoFall Team for now if i use the name of the magnificent game for the bot. I also can change that


you can also mirror the ingame chat to a specific discord channel

(https://ibb.co/P6WQDmN) (https://ibb.co/crB59dJ)


New Feature to see the connection stats of each player on the server


Next step will be a automated system which whill warn and kick high ping players to make sure that the game enjoyment for the other players is not affected.
A continental rest rection would also be feasible, but here I do not want to go too far