Suggestion to make the end pve game a bit more challenging

Started by vladimirov 78, May 24, 2021, 01:16:03 PM

vladimirov 78

Hello everyone ,

i would like to suggest some things to be implemented on the pve servers:

1. npc raiders that will attack your base and do some real damage so that people could gather up and defend against them
2. environmental effects that can do light damage to your base 
3. ability to attack each other for a limited period of time and do limited damage (like mini pvp) : let's say once a week for a few hours people can attack each other and won't be able to destroy everything , lets say maximum 30% of one player's base


I remember playing a UO freeshard maybe 8ish years ago, that wasnt just a blatant murderfest but still had a good bit of Red-Name funtimes. Anyways, 1 hour out of 24 they would have a event where they would force a Backup, Reboot the Server (with no guard protection other than the bank), and then Reload that recent backup an hour later. That 1 hour would be the big huge bloodbath; Guilds would band together and murder other Guilds for bragging rights, as most of the solo/small group antics happened in the cities or shortly outside.

Then like clockwork the Server would shutdown, the backup would be Restored, but with the downside that No Progress was made over that hour no matter what. I had a blast with these!

A semi predictable Raid mechanic (Monster Wave coming for you/your base) would be fantastic, and could be pretty good content for PvE servers. Having that mechanic along with PvP could me some hairy stuff where players walk in behind a NPC raid and hit your base immediately after them (I'm grumpily looking at YOU, Conan: Exiles)


l would like to see NPC. the mod that uses "Ned" and the mod that expands on that with more NPCs ( Tech Expansion) adds to the game. It would be interesting to add the pvp items to pve and maybe have a world event with areas that appear and in those random areas attacks on bases would be allowed within those areas (like the areas that appear for Floaters, debris and such). The ideas of NPCs roaming and attacking bases is great. I know the logistics need working out but I think that it would add to the game, as of now once you max out the techs in pve I am finding the game gets monotonous.