Game Ending and Suggestion.

Started by uvogz, January 10, 2022, 10:32:52 PM


Helo, I'm New and recently Finished the Game and got all the ending: Though it has Sequel Hook that I can't wait to play.
This is some of my Suggestion

- Jumpgate Turret Build.
We can create a turret that guard the station but not on the Jumpgate, I hope it will implement in the sequel or maybe someone can mod in here

Ship or Weapon Upgrading
Instead Buying weapon at the same cathegory, We can upgrade our selectable Weapon. Who Knows.

Pure Melee Build
We can create PURE MELEE build SHIP by attaching Mega beam Saber and RAM it into enemy And then Use cruise to accelerate.

- Conquering a system, buildable and upgradable Station, Outpost Bunker and Special army
I saw several Solar System area has Pirate Space Bunker that can be destroyed. I' hoping we can  create or Conquer, make it
our own. And also has a Shop System, Mining System and Army. We can also Hire Our Own army Or put them in the system as guardian

- Leveling up, skill and upgradable squadmate
Why not? I want my squadmade Strong and their ship can be setting up or upgraded like our own.

- Setting up Squadmate behaviour and command them
It Can set it like sniping, Melee fight, or middle and guard. We Can set up it premade or write down how much their percentage
Also we can make them Defend or attack an object that we marked