Modding newbie

Started by Telaurion, January 16, 2022, 01:51:41 AM



i have 250 hours in CryoFall and i wanted to start modding. I have no experience in modding.

I have a specific client mod in mind i'd like to make and i have some questions before i start out. So i really like Automaton and Manufacturer, but something i am really missing is an option how many canisters are put in each building while activating manufacturer. At the moment i can just activate or deactivate a specific building (match up and/or take all). I want to either modify the mod or write an own one, so i can do the same thing, but so i can set ingame how many should be matched up. For example at the moment it would put all my 100 canisters in the first slot. While there is an option to even it out, it doesnt work that well, especially when u have a lot of buildings or they are spread out. Example: if i have 4 advanced oil pumps and 4 oil refinery, i want to set the number how many canisters are filled in each slot (1-100). If i have like 120, i would probably set the number to 10, so each slot of the buildings is equally filled. Probably there should be an second number which i can set to the number of petroleum i want to match up. Optional there would be a calculator which counts my petroleum and empty canisters and i only have to enter the emount of refineries/pumps and he matches the automatically perfectly.

I hope the idea is clear, even though im not a native speaker. If it's still unclear, let me know.

So my questions are:

- Is it allows to modify mods of other players and what are the restrictions?
- If allowed and possible, would it be wiser to modify the mod or to start from scratch and only make a mod for this specific task?
- How much time do you think i would need for this project? I'm asking because maybe it's to hard i'm starting out and maybe i should just forget about it.
- Any advices or comments or ideas?

Thanks in advance. :)