New game plus not available for non-host local server members

Started by Legenbone, February 18, 2022, 08:40:44 PM


Hi there! First of all thanks for the awesome game! I am playing with my girlfriend and decided to launch rockets and start a new game + save since the update is here. However she, as a client does not have the option to play new game + and have to start a new character when connecting to my new game + save. Is it possible for her in any way to preserve her current character and join my game?


Sadly, there is no such option. The character transfer mechanism for New Game + was implemented for the server owner only (after requesting to start the New Game +, the owner's data is temporarily stored on the client side and after logging in on the local server the client is requesting to restore this data in the new world into the new character; the same mechanism cannot work for other players).
Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to quickly rework it to support the transfer of all the characters registered on the serverΓÇöit requires a totally different mechanism...

As a workaround, the local server's owner can use cheats to add learning points and skills to any registered character on the server. Press `~` to open the console then you can use the following commands:

Set Learning Points to 10000:

/player.setLP 10000 PlayerNameHere

Set all skills to level 10:

/skills.setAll 10 PlayerNameHere

Set specific skill to level 10:

/skills.set Lumbering 20 PlayerName

(you can use autocomplete; use vertical arrows, Tab and Enter to navigate the autocomplete options)