Author Topic: cryofall epic games version -> create new atomictorch user-account  (Read 650 times)


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I bought CryoFall over Epic Games Stores. When i installed the game, i was not interested in a atomictorch account, but now i am (because of the editor), but if i use the Link account function, i get the message "the method or operation ist not implemented". On the atomictorch website on the other hand is written "If you want to have a linked account, please create a new account right from the game. There is no other way to link the account now (temporarily disabled)." What could i do? Is there another way to get the editor? I tried over a test-version of cryofall on steam, but this does not function either.


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Re: cryofall epic games version -> create new atomictorch user-account
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2022, 02:37:23 am »

Unfortunately, this feature is not implemented in the current version of the game in Epic Store, and we cannot push a new version.

Please let me know your in-game nickname (as displayed in the bottom right corner of the main menu) and I will create a new AtomicTorch account linked to it (so you can download and use CryoFall Editor from our website).