Baal Metaverse PVE

Started by Baal, August 13, 2014, 11:58:13 AM


Baal Metaverse PVE
A Canadian Hosted Server
Featuring 25% EXP Bonus!

Server Status

I am currently hosting a new teamwork-oriented server for the community to enjoy!  Here is a quick run-down of the server features available.

Server name: Baal Metaverse PVE
Server address:
Hosted in: Northern Ontario, Canada

Server Settings

* Mods installed: None
* Whitelist only: No
* Player limit: 128 (Currently stable.  Need many connections at once to test viability of 128p setup)
* PVP: No
* PVE: Yes
* EXP penalty: No
* Money penalty: 10%
* Ship penalty: No - Lose inventory and cargo, but not your ship.

A friendly environment for you and your friends to work together in trade and combat, gaining strength and skill to lead the charge against the alien scourge of the galaxy!  I am currently running the server through a few testing phases to see if its viable for long-term use.  Come one come all, enjoy the friendly atmosphere with us!  New player friendly!

Any questions or comments, please speak to me (Baal) in-game or here on this thread.  Good adventuring!


Where is the server hosted? I tried to connect, but for me the ping is quite high.


Hey Lurler, thanks for the response.

The server is hosted out of Northern Ontario, Canada.

I'm currently using a 50Mb/s connection to host with, but the distance across the Atlantic still burns a bit for latency I guess.  Hoping its not bad for Europeans to play on.  Please let me know what kind of ping you are receiving.