YT-1300 Light Freighter (Millenium Falcon)

Started by FlessenGreendart, August 28, 2014, 01:25:38 PM


Depreciated - Use this mod insted -

Title: YT-1300 Light Freighter (Millenium Falcon)




Updated to 1.1.0!
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Adds the Corellian Engineering Corporations YT-1300 Light Freighter (Millennium Falcon) from Star Wars to the game.

That's three hulls, a radar dish, and a quad laser turret.

Pirates may also spawn in this hull.

With Expanded Traders, this mod will also have traders spawn in the YT-1300 hull

Detailed Description:

This mod actually adds a couple of things to the game:

The YT-1300 hull

The YT-1300 is first and foremost a freighter, with a fairly high cargo capacity. It's a hardy ship, with two 360 degree tier 2 energy turrets, and a slow moving energy slot intended for the radar attachment (see below). The high cargo capacity and armour rating comes at a cost of maneuverability.


Structure Value: 4300
Armor Value: 6
Cargo Capacity: 600
Maneuverability: -40%

There is a Millennium Falcon variant with beefed stats and a missile slot, as well as a variant with a clone wars era paint job (no stat change).

The Radar dish attatchment (takes up an energy weapon slot)

Technically a Tier 1 Energy weapon, this device acts to compliment the existing radar array, increasing its range, targiting speed and targiting range. The cost is the fact that it takes up an energy weapon slot. This can be used an any hull that has an energy weapon slot.


Radar Range: +15
Radar Targeting Range: +10
Radar Targeting Speed: +50
Energy Consumption: 1

Quad Laser Turret

Adds what is basically an updated version of the plasma cannon, firing Star Wars style energy bolts.

(Optional) Millenium Falcon themed avatar items

Adds avatar items to the game, so when you create your caracter, you are able to re-create
Han Solo, Lando Calarissian, or even Chewbacca.
Please note that this will also affect NPCs, and they may have these face-parts (or even be a Wookie!)

Breaching The Core compatible version:

There is an alternate file which has been re-balanced for Breaching the Core


Hull & weapon stats re-balanced to match BTC values
Han solo class now spawns in a unique civillian variant of the YT-1300 with unique turret
Radar dish has a hull requirement "Use Radar Dish"
Icons changed to match BTC set


Ha, it was bound to happen sooner or later! :)
Big respect. It looks great!



As I said, that was just me adjusting to new software. Expect something more original next!


I do have to say that looks incredible.  Well played, sir. :)

Any interests in taking on project requests, perchance?  I've tried to make some stuff, but... Blender and I, we're still not really on speaking terms right now.  It doesn't seem to want to help me with making the UV layer work correctly, so everything I try to produce comes out black as night and won't hold a texture. :|

PS, now I see why you were asking the questions about the radar dish object. ;)


Thank you very much   ;D

That radar continues to be a conundrum! Although it looks funny putting a laser turret there!

I'd be more than happy to take on any requests, just let me know what you would like, description, images, whatever, and I'll take it from there  :)

Blender's a very wild beast to tame after using Max, but once you get your head around the differences, things to fall in to place, and you end up thinking "oh, that makes much more sense... why did you make it so complicated, max?"


Ah, that'd be the issue; I don't have any real experience in modeling that is what you might call... recent.  And by that I mean before firing up Blender a few weeks ago, the last time I did any of it I was back in high school working with AutoCAD 10, I want to say, and the very first iteration of 3DS. :)

As to request, the big one I'd love to do is some custom models for guns.  For starters, just making the scale slightly larger on the medium and large turrets, and possibly further modifying them after that.  For the start of it I figured it'd be super-easy, just load in the .obj file, increase the scale and reexport.. and that's when I ran into the issue with the UV layer. :|  But tweaking the textures after by hand, that I can always do.

BTW, I can't figure out if I mentioned this in the other thread, but I did figure out a solution to the laser problem; it's a little something that I'm doing in BTC, and a way around the 3-weapon-types restriction after a fact.  The major issue is that you have to in some way modify the other weapons/hulls to pull it off, because the only way to mount ONLY the radar there is by differentiating it from other weapons in a class.  If we assume you want it as an energy hardpoint, you'd want to set up two new attributes: mount_energy and mount_radar_dish.  Actual energy weapons would require the mount_energy attribute to be 1 or greater, the radar dish would be mount_radar_dish.  Then you just go back and mod the hulls; the Falcon would have mount_radar_dish=1 but nothing else, any hulls with energy guns on them would have mount_energy=1 but just that.  And voila, an energy hardpoint you set on your Falcon can now only mount the dish but no guns, and other craft can mount guns but no dish.

It's quite a lot of work, but I'm using it to set up a difference between missile weapons and carrier drones in my own mod.  The saving grace is that once you establish the system you can have unlimited iterations of it; there'd be nothing stopping you from setting up a third effect, say mount_gizmo, and using that and an energy hardpoint to restrict an entirely different piece of flair or a gizmo to a different hull.  All it does is limit the weapons it can have (in the previous example the Falcon would need ballistic or missile for any other hardpoints; if you wanted it to have laser cannons then keep energy weapons as-is and make the radar a ballistic or missile mount).

If you'd like I can let you know when the system is fully done in BTC and you can look at the .xmls I used (since I can be bad at explaining), or alternately, if you want, I can stick your Falcon (or anything else) into the mod and see if I can pull it off.  Full credit will naturally be given for anything used, naturally, just like any requests I make.  I just offer the latter because as mentioned, I have a system partially in place and tested for it already; might be a breeze to pull off.


I never got to touch anything like that at high school! :'(
It wasn't until I hit uni that I got experience with modelling, and it's mainly 3DSMax that I used, but that software doesn't come cheap... hence Blender.

I can see why you'd want custom turrets, especially with your hybrid range (which I am really looking forward to trying), as the current selection of models is limited for the scope of your mod.
I've already got some fun ideas for turret types, which I'll throw some drafts together shortly, and run by you.

As it stands at the moment, with the hulls I plan to be adding as mods, I would like to have as little impact as possible, so that if someone were to use one of my hulls, and at the same time use any kind of overhaul mod for example, they could without any risk of conflict. So to edit all the data files of the existing hulls and weapons would go against that.

What might be worth considering though, is for each of my hulls to be released in two iterations:
1) A standalone mod, where the user can choose between placing an energy weapon or "utility" (such as radar dish, shield array, solar panels) which I can give a large enough boost to justify the tradeoff.

2) A BTC compatible version of the hull, where the stats and requirements are adjusted to match your existing framework, thus allowing such limitations.

I wouldn't mind taking a look at your xmls, and seeing exactly how it plays out, especially if you're up for the above suggestion, and you are, of course, welcome to put any hulls I make into your core mod, and it would be nice to see if your method works  :)


Right, changing up too much is definitely the downside.  Alongside that, changing up all the various weapons and the like has the unfortunate downside of making the mod stand-alone instead of modular, which is a bit of a bummer.

As to your idea for the release of hulls, sounds perfect to me, man.  Having them as self-contained packages helps out the main game a lot more than having them stuffed into a mod and gives people some flexibility in terms of making the game exactly the way they want.    I actually was gonna do BTC the same way 'til I realized there was no way I'd be able to try some of the tricky stuff I wanted while keeping it modular. :)


That's the beauty of it though, there is no problem with an overhaul if it adds a significant amount to the gameplay.
BTC allows a sub level of modularity, where a modder can add new types of hybrid weapons, or as in my case, a whole new use for the weapon slot system.

A good example of this is the Skyrim mod SkyRe, which overhauls pretty much everything, and other modders have taken advantage of this.

On another note, I've re-scaled the vanilla turrets, but I have had to be careful with it, because the base of the turret is a fixed location, as well as the firing point, meaning if I make it too big, either the turret will clip through the hull, or the beam/projectile won't fire out the barrel.
I'm just going to compile and test, make sure it is usable, then I'll upload it.



And here is a gift for you while you work on things:

HSE, by the way, stands for Han Solo Edition.  The dish is now set as a missile weapon, just for sake of easy (my missile group is the group that is currently split), but... proof of concept complete. :)

It's not in shops, though, as I didn't have a chance to balance it to BTC values.  Only way to get one is to roll a Han Solo character.  Tossed two large pulse on there to show off the visual effects I managed with them, as well... and it's kinda hilarious to see the effect they have on your energy.  With civilian kit on the ship just recharging the two lasers takes more power than the PP can output; your cap will slowly drop even if you're sitting still and not healing shield.


Haha! The description for Han is brilliant!

Glad to see it works so well.
As a question, in the future, do you plan to make the same restrictions for the other weapon types?
Just a thought, because I may end up adding missiles to the Falcon, basically having two variations of the YT-1300 - the standard model, and the Falcon, with more hardpoints and higher stats, but at a much higher cost (and maybe a more advanced requirement).

The pulses look brilliant, but imagine having to manage that level of power!

I've scaled the turrets as much as possible, and I've added a couple of new turret models; a slightly modified version of the standard energy turret, but with a extended barrel, and I've also created a turret that I've labeled a "Gauss Cannon" although that's just what it reminded me of, feel free to re-purpose it. It's almost the length of the civilian shuttle.
For the sake of in-game testing, I've given them civilian weapon stats, so they'll appear in any station.

Just added another mesh, dubbed railgun.

Another thing I've noticed, is that with the larger weapons the origin point of the weapons is set to inside them, so you'll get things like muzzle flash happening in the center of the turret. If you can figure out how to adjust that, it could be handy. I'll be looking into it too.

Here's the link:

On an unrelated note, I've also been designing a new hull, a much smaller one man fighter, it'll have a high manouverability and speed, but very low hull durability and no cargo at all. Thoughts?


I had considered putting in the restrictions on others just to allow for more flexibility in terms of 'special' equipment, but it's always a fine line when it comes to creating specialty stuff versus allowing creativity and flexible loadouts.  The main reason I separated the fighter bays originally is that those ships have long lock times and range bonuses that make it harder to lock on stuff, but once you -get- a lock you can maintain it way out of visual range with good radar... which seemed to be something fighters ought to be able to do, but would be a little OP for missiles. :)

I can add in options for energy and ballistics, though, if people have requests I agree with.  Or maybe I'll just designate type 4 as the 'special' type, since mines are never going to be as varied for my mod as other weapons.

Also, I should have considered that with the Falcon.  You even have canon at your back in that regard, considering the Falcon had a concussion rack in the nose from Endor on. :D


I can see why it made most sense to limit the missiles, and nothing else. For the most part it really isn't necessary.
Although, you may be right with the mine types, they are the least used weapon type, I feel.

I was even thinking about adding the blasters on the mandibles, but that would make the ship seriously overpowered, and on top of that, if you go past 5 weapon slots, the UI can't handle it.


Nice looking model!)
Have you thought about making Normandy SR1/2?) May be even some "Space Legennds" mod with Enterprise and other famos ships?


Thanks  ;D

I have been thinking of throwing in a few tributes amongst my (upcoming) original works.
The problem with things like the Enterprise & the SR2 is scaling.
Looking online, the Normandy SR2 is approx 170m in length, and to compare, the Falcon is 34m long. The Enterprise comes up a whooping 289m.

They'd either have to be scaled down to humourous proportions, or they'd be too big to dock in the stations.

Or maybe I've completely misjudged the scale of the game...

As an afterthought, a fun way to put that little reference in  the game would be to have them floating in the background as space debris, like the satellites and space station ruins.