YT-1300 Light Freighter (Millenium Falcon)

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I can see why it made most sense to limit the missiles, and nothing else. For the most part it really isn't necessary.
Although, you may be right with the mine types, they are the least used weapon type, I feel.

I was even thinking about adding the blasters on the mandibles, but that would make the ship seriously overpowered, and on top of that, if you go past 5 weapon slots, the UI can't handle it.

At least for now they are, certainly, just for the basic limitations on them.  Though I did think of an amusing use for them; in another thread we were talking about wanting a Space Flamethrower, and it might be hilarious to make a weapon for vanilla that uses the mine slot and essentially turns the ship into the VE version of the Thraddash Torch from Star Control 2.  Starts ejecting fire out the back toward anything following it while accelerating it forward.

For my own general-use mine weapons, though, eventually I'm looking to shift them over to the consumables slot as I slowly prep stuff for multiplayer.  The end goal for my MP is to really start stressing roles and functions of ships;  I like the notion of device slots being used for all sorts of utility based on the hull they are attached to, from engineering ships getting remote repair/shield/energize abilities, combat ships getting some sort of active defense or the EMP discussed elsewhere (and probably at least a self-heal, especially on larger ships), and dedicated miners/haulers continuing to sport equipment in line with that.  Using consumables as 'mines' also should allow for some easy maneuvering toward making 'smart mines' like deployable turrets and the like.


Ha, good for both getaways and ramming the opponent!
I'd love to see that in action.

Putting mines in a consumable slot would really make you have to think about it :) I like that that, it means that there is much more versatility in what each ship can do, but also restricting it. I look forward to seeing what you plan to do with it.

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Or maybe I've completely misjudged the scale of the game...
You know, the more I think about it, the more I think I have misjudged the scale. I looks like the Falcon might need to be smaller...

Also, I think some of the existing ships might need rescaling, as a lot of the frigates are similar in size to the cruisers.


Maybe it's the geek in me, but I always figured the heavier hulls were more a factor of mass more than size, which I know the game does represent.  I mean if you compare naval hulls, most of the size difference between say a corvette and a frigate was dedicated to extra crew and stores, and very little (relatively) taken up by additional superstructure to mount heavier weapons or armor.  Since all the ships in VE are single-pilots, makes sense that larger ships aren't all that much larger, just more dense. :)

Of course, that comparison does fall apart when you consider that modern cruisers are actually fairly light, as they are designed more for standoff engagements than they are for going toe-to-toe. :)  And I actually wouldn't mind seeing more of a differentiation in the ship hull sizes here just by dint of the fact that it relates directly to dodging shots and having a smaller footprint.


I see your point, but surely there'd be an obvious difference in size as well as mass. But then again, I can't argue your claim.

The cruisers are obviously bulkier, and heavier when it comes to manoeuvring, but it would be nice to see little darts flying around these huge monster ships.

Either way, it does still mean that adding in these massive ships like Enterprise and the Normandy is a bit out of the games scope.


About ships sizes.




Normandy SR2 have double size of SR1(60-100 m in length) wich makes it even shorter than USN Nimitz ;)
upd. I was wrong. SR1 - 155m, SR2 - 216m. Still Normandy shorter than Nimitz ;)

We need to summon dev's here to hear(read) their opinion about VE scale.

UPD. Almost forgot:
More with Farscape and other here:

UPD2. Found some new(for me) compilations:





And this one I can't attach here because it is really huge: And there you can find more interesting compilations.

UPD3. Homeworld


And some video:

UPD4. Star Craft
It is really huge so just link(highly recomendet to download full sized version):

Some useful links:


Damn, you've done your homework!

Y'see I always pictured the Banshee to be somewhere between the Tel'tak Shuttle and the Falcon, which would put most of the ships around that range. But of course, nothing stops me adding new decal, or even stations. Not sure about how the game would handle additional stations, though.

On a side note, the Slave I is bigger than I thought.


Small update: Fixed a small texture error, also added optional file for avatars. will update forum post later, but check out the nexus page if you want to download it.


Actually, I don't think much is outside the scale of the game when it comes to aftermarket modding. :)

Just take a look at the size of the Pirate Derelicts with four large guns on them.  Those things are like 5x the size of a Hammer hull in overall footprint.  The only major limitation seems to be that as scale gets to be -too- large, you start to run out of real estate on the screen given the limited ability to zoom outward.  If the zoom level is able to be adjusted (a question I've wanted to ask the devs with the introduction of carrier-style vessels) then the sky might be the limit, provided it can still fit into the dock of a base.  And the current docking mouths seem like they could accomodate about 1.5x the width of the Hammer or a bit more.


QuoteDamn, you've done your homework!

Just some internet surfing, but thx ;)

I made some update to that post with Halo and ME universes.


Well I suppose there's nothing stopping me throwing together a quick Constitution Class  starship, and seeing how the scale plays out. As long as it's able to dock, and it fits on the screen, then I'll put it forward.

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I made some update to that post with Halo and ME universes.

That post'd be a good point of reference for my future builds. I'll definitely be going there whenever I add something  :D


Oh. These are some fine pictures :)

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Y'see I always pictured the Banshee to be somewhere between the Tel'tak Shuttle and the Falcon.
That is more or less correct. But a bit bigger I think. I'd say around 20-25 meters.
But the game, of course, doesn't follow scale very strictly, otherwise we'd make all next class of the ships quite bigger than the previous one. But it is a deliberate decision.

PS - I love the StarGate :) Top1 Sci-Fi universe, excluding the actual SG:U, of course. Now that I think about it. We really need a discussion about different Sci-Fi universes.


Thanks, that's a great help for scaling!
I'll adjust the Falcon accordingly, and make sure my future models conform.
It's also good to know that the scaling isn't strict, gives me some more leeway with larger models!

I am also a huge Stargate fan! I might end up making some Goa'uld ships. Or better yet, imagine the aliens flying around in Wraith darts!


Picturing a giant floating pyramid in space now... :)

Some of the Asgard ships would look damned cool, though!

And so far as favored sci-fi universes go, a few of the ships on that list kinda make me want to replace the initial starting shuttle with a player spawning in Farscape One. :P


Hmmm... maybe not the motherships  ;D

Moya would be fun to make, but I wouldn't take her into battle! At least Farscape One was modified to have weapons.



And, of course, the trigger sound for it would have to be a soundclip of 'mama Crichton's baby boy, makin' wormholes... '