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BUG REPORTING GUIDE - Read this please!
« on: January 16, 2014, 02:55:16 am »
To improve communication between testers and us and just to make the process simpler for everyone, we would like to offer you some info on how to better structure your bug reports.
This will greatly help us to quickly identify and fix all the problems you might encounter.

When reporting a bug, please try to include the following details:
Game version: The version you are using.
Game mode: Single-player or Multilayer, or both.
Bug location: Where exactly you encountered the bug.
Steps to reproduce: This serves as a guide for us to be able to reproduce the bug.
Reproduction rate: Is this a one off occurrence or you encounter it many times and can easily reproduce?
Screenshot: Having a screenshot of the problem is the best as it would really help us to quickly identify the problem.
Bug description: Once the other details are in,  a quick paragraph describing the issue can help us understand the bug in greater details.
Bug thread title: This can tell us at a glance the essence of the issue.  Please be specific to the issue, e.g.: "Weapon doesn't fire after Alt+Tab", is much better than "NOTHING WORKS! I KEEL YOU!". Please also include version number and game mode. So the final topic name would be "Weapon doesn't fire after Alt+Tab [v0.7.9][SP]".
Mods used: List all mods you are using. Also, try playing the game without the mods - as this could be the reason for bugs.

Additional notes:
* Please try to reproduce a bug before reporting it.
* If you think it is of any relevance to the problem, please provide details of your hardware configuration and system.
* Don't combine multiple bugs into one report.

When reporting bugs - please upload your log files which are located in the "Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\VoidExpanse\Logs" folder.
Additionally if your game crashed there could be a crash dump file. It would look like this 2014-04-05_094710 or a folder called dumps.
This would immensely increase the chance of us figuring out what the bug was.

TL;DR - We need logs! Otherwise we simply won't be able to help you...

Here is a blank version of the bug-report template.
Game version:
Game mode:
Bug Location:
Steps to Reproduce:
Reproduction Rate:
Bug Description:
Mods used:


Q:Where can I find game logs?
A: You can find them in the "Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\VoidExpanse\Logs" folder.

Q:Where can I find game saves?
A: You can find them in the "Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\VoidExpanse\saves" folder.

Q:How do I upload files to the forum?
A: You can use any file sharing service of your choice such as dropbox or google drive. Then share a link with us. Don't forget to make your files public!

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