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VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.7.2
« on: January 16, 2014, 04:22:17 am »
VoidExpanse patch notes v0.7.2

* Multi-threaded save/load with compression.
* Close most windows by ESC.
* Notification on experience changed.
* Mining notification (what is mined or other info).
* Chat message on player leave/enter the game.
* Sell an item or stack of items by shift-clicking.
* Version property to the site and the game client. Game check it and notifies the user if a new version is available.
* New weapon (ion cannon).
* Skill requirements info shown on items.
* Topic categories when talking with NPC.
* New skill icons, and modified a few existing ones.

* Increased tooltip size for items and skills + extended tooltips content, more info, etc.
* Ore sold freely only on mining bases, and with a price modifier 0.75.
* Much less lags even with higher ping.
* Optimized ray updates sending (faster and less traffic).

* Freighter incorrect RCS trails.
* Player avatar displayed in canteen.
* Many possible situations that could lead to crashes.
* Issue with connection / reconnection and loading problems.
* Mines exploding multiple times.
* Delivery quest bug with no station present in the system.
* Exp gain and leveling.
* Quests: active / completed / failed were always 0.

You can download a new version of the game on the site in "my games".

Important: server address has changed to
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