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VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.7.4
« on: January 24, 2014, 03:49:20 am »
VoidExpanse patch notes v0.7.4

* New fancy UI.
* Consumables (!!).
* New ship - Banshee.
* Around 20 new items and fixes to existing items.
* New skills.
* Loading screen when docking to a space station.
* Entering system message.
* Quick actions overhaul, shift + lmb / rmb, etc.
* New music.
* EXP bar under "Class: ..." in the character window.
* Icon for the top menu for "who is online".

* Space station menu redesign.
* Speed-up to map window.
* Sound is now turned off when the client is minimized.
* Music playlist system for menu and station now works.
* Proper damage calculation for weapons depending on range.
* Opening crate container when jettisoning an item. So you can jettison more stuff into the same container.

* Some issues with UI.
* Issues with local server starting/stopping/restarting.
* Player ship flickering on jump gate arrival.
* Normal maps DXT compression artifacts.
* Using fuel for generator even when ship is docked.
* Repair / refuel prices update.
* Other small fixes.
* If inventory is closed by Escape key (or other menus), ship becomes uncontrollable.
* Timeout issue on connection.
* Issue when couldn't control ship after reconnecting.

Known issues:
The game crashes when you try to exit. It's not a big deal, since you were already quitting anyway :)

As always, you can download a new version of the game on the site in "my games". Previous version is not compatible with v0.7.4 servers.
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