VoidExpanse - Patch notes v1.2.x

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VoidExpanse v1.2.x Update patch notes.

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.0 ===
   * Improved master server connection handling
   * Improved welcome screen (link with AtomicTorch.com)
   * Faster ping measurement
   * Online users list now works on Stations

   * Various UI-related issues (updated to NoesisGUI 1.2.2)
   * Merchants spawning
   * Laptop (especially Macbooks) overheating issues should be resolved (Make sure you use 30fps limit)
   * Too many artifacts removal notifications when trading them to the science points
   * OpenGL rendering issues (black stars on galaxy map, black sun, etc)
   * Mac/Linux: UPnP port forwarding
   * Sun effect not works on in OpenGL ("black screen issue")
   * Factions and stars not rendered on Galaxy Map in OpenGL
   * Issue when firing from projectile weapons transferred from one player to another
   * Game not running in OpenGL mode on Windows
   * Various crashes and freezes
   * Loading freeze/hang

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.1 ===
New features:
   * Added ability to connect to servers running previous version of the game (if the server uses same network protocol version).

   * New balance for most weapons. Generally projectiles are more powerful.
   * Made chat more readable
   * Corrected descriptions of some things to make it more clear
   * Scurvy is now properly removed after quest is done (important for MP)
   * More signposting to make it easier to find certain things.
   * New repair price calculation. Now doesn't take ship price into account.
   * Other balancing changes.
   * New drop lists for all ships depending on their level!

   * "Save and quit" not working
   * Loading screen freezes. (we still need your feedback on this, please!)
   * Projectiles not rendered (OpenGL/Mac/Linux)
   * Local server crash on Mac
   * Quit game freezing
   * Fixed chat issues
   * Price of refuel from space merchants
   * Fixed Fanatics faction achievements
   * DirectX 9 / 11 issues
   * Game saving bug
   * Can't sell item ("can't find empty slot")
   * Several other server related issues

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.2 ===
New features:
   * Added TCP protocol for the Master Server connection, so the issues when the game is unable to connect with the Master Server should be fixed
   * If VoidExpanse can't find server exe - it will report about ANTIVIRUS issue!
   * Added protection from infinite loops in user scripts

   * Added image validation to Mod uploader
   * Escort quest temporary removed until we can make it better
   * In auto-rotation mode the player's ship now rotates to fully match the cursor position
   * Rebalanced asteroids and mining boosters

   * Join faction quests
   * Command "debug_topic_tutorial_complete player_name" in Multiplayer
   * Chat command npcs_list
   * Linux server CRASH
   * Navpoint added by "Enter" click doesn't save it's name
   * Various other issues, including crashes

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.3 (STEAM EXPERIMENTAL) ===
To install this build, open the Steam Client, right click on the VoidExpanse in your library, select Properties, open "Betas" tab, enter the password is "AllTheeHailTheVoid" (without quotes). And then you can select the beta program "experimental".

This release features reworked threading system to fully utilize all of the CPU cores and resolve multithreading issues reported by the players.

   * Game freezes on the loading screen with 6+ cores CPU's.
   * Various freezes/hangs issues (including most of them on Mac and Linux). However, we need more feedback about the loading screen freeze.
   * Sprites (plasma balls, muzzle flashes, etc) rendered through the other objects.

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.4 (STEAM EXPERIMENTAL) ===
   * Improved sun rendering
   * Certain ships now have omni-slots (weapon hardpoints!)

   * Shields not rendered in OpenGL on some GPU's
   * Errors on server (especially on Linux/Mono)
   * NoesisGUI crashes
   * Freeze on loading screen

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.5 ===
New features:
   * Sort by online players count in the multiplayer public server list
   * Server version displayed in multiplayer server info
   * Mono is now not required for running the game on Linux and Mac (Need your feedback on that. If you have any issues please remove *Bundle* file from the Server_Mono folder)

   * Console up/down arrows keys sometimes double
   * Game cannot unpause

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.6 ===
New features:
   * New API method: station.AddItemToStorageAtStation(int stationId, int ship_id, string item_type, int quantity)
   * New API method: generator.GetStationsAtSystem(int systemId)
   * Added regeneration for Xengatarn ships and structures
   * Proper Mac/Linux game server bundle included

   * Miners now properly respawn at the station
   * Changed quests after entering faction in multiplayer

   * Fixed various autopilot issues (not ideal, but much better)
   * Fixed an issue with the galaxy creation freeze
   * Fixed an issue with save game loading (or when the savegame reported as corrupted)
   * Fixed models and sounds appearing too late on low performance CPU's
   * Fixed loading screen freeze
   * Fixed "special" effects not applied to NPCs
   * Fixed damage on collision calculation (player could easily ram alien hives)
   * Fixed an issue when the ship not entered players scope when spawn on station and undocking
   * Fixed an issue with Batto resque quest: Declan NPC spawned for every player
   * Fixed an issue with enabled Steam Overlay crashing the game on startup on Mac (we need your feedback regarding this)
   * Fixed an issue with inventory capacity not updating instantly after getting skill "Space optimization"

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.7 ===
New features:
   * 64-bit Linux version
   * Added "ds" shortcut for command "debug server 1"
   * Chat is now automatically closed when clicking outside
   * Cache for multiplayer server icons
   * Current star system name is now displayed in the System map
   * Added hotkeys on station (Overview, Decks, Hangar, Map, etc...)

   * Decreased number of active miners in the system
   * Changed log naming format
   * Rewrote multiplayer menu loading (performance and usability)
   * Improved autopilot asteroids avoidance

   * Fixed memory leak in bundled Mono for Linux
   * Fixed ray weapons FX rendered in reverse direction
   * Spacestation inventory list not refreshed after some time
   * Fixed projectile max distance extension skills not applying to the actual ray appearance in the game
   * Fixed (re)starting a new galaxy after game end in savegame
   * Fixed autopilot flying in circles

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.8 ===
New features:
   * Added command to delete a player character on the multiplayer server (it can be used by the player or by the server admin). Write in the chat: "delete_player_character NICKNAME" without quotes

   * Fixed font issue: current star system on System map was displayed as ???????
   * Fixed energy weapons aiming
   * Fixed planets in gas systems not rendered properly
   * Fixed key binding issues - can bind one key to multiple actions

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.9 ===
New features:
   * Added new API scope: items - http://wiki.atomictorch.com/VoidExpanse/scope-items
   * Added new mod type - "localization"

   * Added multiline chat input

   * Fixed issues with localization tool
   * Fixed chat not scaling with UI Scale option
   * Fixed various server crashes
   * Fixed the planet scanner research quest
   * Fixed item cooldown indicator ("clock") sometimes not displaying
   * Various other small fixes (dialogs, topics, quests, UI)

! Notes !
* All saves are compatible with previous version.
* And in case of multiplayer - don't forget to update both: client AND server.
*Please make sure if you are running a server that you update ASAP.



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Thank you Lurler :)
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Well done on the patch, everything seems stable now :) <3


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Uploading VoidExpanse v1.2.1 version.


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Seriously though, I look forward to seeing the re-balanced ballistics, and not having to fork out my entire life savings to repair my Aurora :D


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Gah, and I've only just updated my Expanded NPCs! :'(
Hm, it should work with the new version as well.



v1.2.2 is available now.