***NEXUS ONE*** 24/7/365 by Hack3r Inc.

Started by Shadokin, April 06, 2015, 11:53:12 AM


This server is PvE, player friendly and with over 300+ accounts currently. We have multiple active admins and are hosted on the east coast of the US in a data center with 10gbit connections. It's been given to us by IPForge.com and taken care of by the guys at Hack3r Inc.

For more info goto http://game.ipforge.com and we'll see you in the void soon!


Server offline? Its not loading for me....


Would it be possible for you to change the rate of shop inventory refresh? I've played on this server for 2 days now and the shops have the same stuff. Absolutely nothing new, this is a huge deal since you can't make your own items.


Looks like someone destroyed all the hives in alien territory, except for the capital, 1 system next to it and maybe 3 or 4 systems to the far right  :(   just logged on then and saw very little red alien territory  :'(


Yeah, at this point the only thing left is the alien capital.  Will there be a server wipe or is there a way to reset the aliens and still keep our characters?