Mod: Chainguns

Started by Chalkie, April 06, 2015, 09:55:53 PM



This is my first mod for VoidExpanse.

Chainguns are rapid firing ballistic weapons that are best used to take down enemy shields. Much like the Machinegun weapon, the Chaingun is a relic of the past and just isnΓÇÖt up to the task of punching holes in modern armor plating without expending large amounts of ammunition.

Chainguns should be used in more of a supporting capacity rather than a main weapon although it is possible use dual Chaingun-XK on a Hammer and wreck most Tier I and II ships.

The mod includes four new weapons which have new Icons and Sounds.
Light Chaingun | 500 Ammo | 187 DPS
Medium Chaingun | 700 Ammo | 312 DPS
Heavy Chaingun | 900 Ammo | 437 DPS
Chaingun-XK | 1200 Ammo + 2 Power | 1167 DPS

Mod ID: chaingun_mod_v1
Mod type: ClientServer
Mod version: 1.0.0
Min game version: 0.0.0
Mod size: 0.7 MB

Please note: this mod is required for loading a savegame created with this mod.
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