Game Launcher

Started by Agalyon, April 08, 2015, 12:31:53 AM


Recently picked up VoidExpanse from steam, and looked into modding. Ive seen lots of talk of the game launcher, and to my understanding, the only way to get it is through purchasing the game through the website. Is this correct? It seems like doing it manually is a pain compared to using the launcher. I realize that using the steam workshop is easy as well, but sometimes people have a beef with the workshop and don't post there, and its good to know anyway.


Actually, since VoidExpanse updated to using an in game mod manager, the only advantage to using the launcher is that it acts as a shortcut to the mods folder. As that is now in "My Documents" it isn't too hard to navigate to.


You're don't need the GameLauncher, just drop the mods in local Mods folder and activate from the in-game menu "Mods".
I've updated the wiki page about it.