Trade Terminals

Started by coder1024, June 30, 2015, 03:46:13 PM


Currently you have to physically be at a station to see the prices for trade goods there.

How about adding a trade terminal?  The trade terminal at a station would allow you to lookup prices for trade goods at other stations.  This would allow you to browse prices at various locations and pick trade routes based on that.

One possible twist to this could be that you can only access information on a station once you've been there and signed into the terminal at that station.

I think this would be an improvement over having to physically be at a station to see the current prices.


Or even to give an access to a stock market via that terminal to buy an amount of goods somewhere and hire a convoy to transport to some other place, yes? ))) You just fueled my fantasies with that  8) Currently we have no plans to implement any additional terminals. However, it might be possible for modders to implement something like that. It would be cool to see it in the game.


Or, when visiting a station, you install a "Terminal Trading Prices Spy Logger" device for a small/medium fee and you can access that stations trading prices from your ship or other stations :-) Instead of the logging in at terminal at station thing :-)


No, too weak WiFi on the stations  ;D