Controller rebinding

Started by Lurler, November 23, 2015, 01:00:25 AM


We are currently working on adding a menu to reconfigure your controller.

Here's how it will look.

Not exactly like that, but this should give an idea. The small buttons below the controller are to show what the button is currently bound to. For example if may state "Button10" for start. Which is usually the default button on most controllers. Same for all other buttons.

To rebind you simply select the [Rebind] button and it will tell you "press up now", "press a button that you want to be a start button now", etc. And after it is done asking you for all buttons the new configuration will be saved. This way you can easily change the bindings for the controller buttons.

PS - doesn't the controller look very familiar? :)
This is not intentional, honest!