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sorry I was not subscribed to notifications in this forum section so I've missed your post.

To run the game or Editor without Steam you indeed need to have a linked account (which you have). I've just tested and see that there are no issues with the emails going through to Gmail. Please try again and also check the Spam folder.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: VoidExpanse Language Tools
November 29, 2023, 04:57:00 PM
Hmm...apparently for the trivial cases of XML localization (e.g. only when <root><header><title> or <description> are present) there is no extracted English TXT file as these are, well, trivial cases.
But for anything more complicated you will see "$ConstantName" constants in XMLΓÇömeaning these strings were extracted to the corresponding English TXT file. So all such lines are already extracted to the TXT files.

I guess you've pretty much finished everything!

QuoteI also see that there are many "(Unused)" lines.
I thought about ignoring these as well, but I'm not sure.
Yes, these should be ignored. For reference you can always check whether there is a translation in the corresponding Russian TXT file.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: VoidExpanse Language Tools
November 26, 2023, 12:39:51 PM

Using Github is straightforward once you register there. The developers have created plenty of good tutorials to help you get started.

We can definitely add a link to your localization toolkit on our Wiki page, but only when you are certain that the toolkit is finished.

Quote1. How is the language mods folder structured?
If it is not too complex, perhaps you could have the tool create the mods as well.
It's fairly easy. The mod (*.mpk) is a regular ZIP archive (without compression) containing only the files necessary for the localization ("language.***.xml" file plus all the TXT files for this language). The directory structure (file tree) must match the original Core.cpk.
As an example please check any VoidExpanse localization mod available in Steam Workshop.
A proper "header.xml" file must be placed in the root folder of the mod. The "modtype" entry value must be 4 (translation).

Quote2. I am making a Spanish translation for the game, based on the English files, which are 121 files in total (counting language.es_es.xml).
However, if I filter the list of files by Russian (ru_ru) it gives a total of 518 files.
This makes me wonder, does the English translation contain all the texts of the game?
Yes, you're right. I totally forgot about this!
The English TXT files are present only for the extracted text from the JavaScript files (as they don't contain the actual English text and always it from the TXT files, either English or any other translation which is available).
E.g. if you navigate to "core\data\crates\localization" you will not find the TXT localization files for English as the XML files already contain the English text.
Our official localization tool is not only loading the available TXT files but also parsing the XML files. The XML files directly contain the English text so it was never extracted to TXT files (unlike JavaScript files). For us there was no point in extracting the English text from XML as this will only cause text duplication. We kept things as simple as possible, but it's a problem when you want to create a localization for the game without using our localization tool.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: VoidExpanse Language Tools
November 24, 2023, 05:51:27 PM
Great work! Thank you so much for sharing this project with the community.
I wanted to suggest uploading the source code to Github. In my experience, links to file sharing services can become outdated pretty fast. Plus, by putting it on Github, there's a chance that someone might come along and make improvements to your tool.

Bug reports / Re: Game Not Start
November 18, 2023, 10:49:51 AM
Quote from: Flanagan on November 18, 2023, 06:14:36 AM
Did everything you asked for...did not use OneDrive, but to make sure i uninstalled, reinstalled it and tried in every step to run Cryofall.

In CrashDumps are no files related to Cryofall oder dotnet in there.

Is a fresh log of the start of the beta r32 helpful? This version runs without problems.

Thank you for the log files, I've checked them. There are definitely no issues related to OneDrive (there are no signs of it in the log).

The primary technical difference which may affect the game execution between the version R32 (which you've reported as working properly) and the version R33 (the actual one) of the game is that we've switched to use .NET 6 runtime instead of .NET 5 (which is currently outdated and no longer supported while .NET 6 is LTS (long-time support) version).

.NET is bundled with the game so it doesn't depend on .NET in your Windows installation and every player has the same .NET runtime running the game. However, there are still some system dependencies as .NET itself uses Windows DLLs.

I believe the problem is likely with some of .NET 6 system prerequisites/dependencies. They're unlikely to be missing in your Windows 10 installation (you're using the latest version) so perhaps some of the system files (DLLs) are damaged.
Please try installing this:
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable 64-bit
A system reboot may be required.

If it doesn't help, I'm not sure what to suggest...probably your Windows installation is damaged and requires repair (we've always tested the game on a clean Windows 10 installation and ensured that there are no issues; so it all depends on your Windows installation). Reinstalling Windows 10 (or upgrading it to Windows 11 which is free but may be not supported by your PC) will likely resolve the issue but I will not suggest doing this as it may be time consuming and you may lose some of your files of programsΓÇöit's worth it only if you have similar issues with other games and software.

Bug reports / Re: Game Not Start
November 18, 2023, 06:57:41 AM
Quote from: Flanagan on November 18, 2023, 06:14:36 AM
Did everything you asked for...did not use OneDrive, but to make sure i uninstalled, reinstalled it and tried in every step to run Cryofall.

In CrashDumps are no files related to Cryofall oder dotnet in there.

Is a fresh log of the start of the beta r32 helpful? This version runs without problems.

Anything is better than nothing, please provide these log files.
Bug reports / Re: Game Not Start
November 17, 2023, 02:51:54 PM
Quote from: Flanagan on November 17, 2023, 12:04:01 PM

thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately no new folder was created. Even after reinstalling there is no folder and no file. I can only provide the old ones
Apparently the game either cannot launch or cannot access this folder to store the log files.
Let's start with the latter idea. There were a few reports when an issue with Microsoft OneDrive prevented the game from accessing Documents folder (so it crashed on launch and was unable to write the log files about it; fixing the folder access issue resolved the both problems). Are you using Microsoft OneDrive to sync your Documents folder? In that case we recommend reinstalling OneDrive ( or removing it altogether (sometimes removing it still doesn't resolve the issue but reinstalling does).
If you're certain there is no issue with OneDrive, please check whether you have any crash-related files. Please navigate to this folder (copy-paste it to the Explorer's address bar):
The folder might be missing though. If it's available and you see any recent files related to CryoFall or dotnet there, please upload them to any cloud hosting and send the link in a private message to me.

Bug reports / Re: Game Not Start
November 17, 2023, 06:50:24 AM
Quote from: Flanagan on November 17, 2023, 06:47:51 AM
I have a similar problem.

I have bought the game in steam an since a few month the game does not start. If I start the Version legacy-r32 i have no problems, but i can't join the servers. Therefore i have to update the game. After the update the game doesn't start again.

I tried to fix it with steam, deinstalled an installed the game, update all drivers, deinstalled an installed netframework.

Any Ideas?
Please reach us over email at
Please attach the latest log files from this folder: Documents\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall\Logs
(to ensure the log files are fresh please delete this folder altogether, then launch the game so it will create new log files)
We will have a look ASAP.

Help section / Re: Server Query
November 15, 2023, 04:32:38 AM
Well done!
It's in our tasks list, but unfortunately we don't have a specific timeline for the next patch for CryoFall. The game has been finalized for over a year, so it's on maintenance and upkeep. I don't know when we will be able to continue development.

Help section / Re: Server Query
November 13, 2023, 05:16:29 AM
Awesome! Please consider sharing your script on Github or GistΓÇöit would be super helpful for other players/server owners.

Bug reports / Re: map all things disappear
November 12, 2023, 05:57:41 AM
It sounds like a network issueΓÇösome network data doesn't go through properly.
If you have an active VPN connection, please try without it (or vice versa).
Alternatively you can try using a mobile hotspot (modem mode on a smartphone).
If it works via a mobile connection that means there is something odd with your primary router/ISP and you need to contact your ISP for further support.

Help section / Re: Server Query
November 09, 2023, 11:05:38 AM
Alas CryoFall doesn't have this feature.
You can try parsing the console output of the server to gather some info (it's posting the stats about every 30 seconds).

The VoidExpanse localization tool is pretty rough indeed, written in early years of the studio...It's not feasible for us to rewrite it right now, whether from the old codebase or starting from scratch. Our newer games use a different engine, so there are no more XML/JS files like in VE...

BTW, in VoidExpanse, all the text is already extracted to TXT files, so you don't really need to use the localization tool. You can just copy the existing *.en_us.txt to use as the translation files for your language. So if you find the tool too rough and CSV editing too tedious, this is a valid alternative. Just make sure to handle multi-line text and quotes correctly.

Thank you for your feedback!
Unfortunately, we can't make any changes to the VoidExpanse localization tool since it was created almost a decade ago...
We primarily used it for exporting text to a CSV file and editing it in spreadsheet software like MS Excel or LibreOffice Calc. This was because the tool lacks a spellchecker and is generally cumbersome to use as an inline editor. However, there were some issues with this approach (IIRC, using quote characters " without proper escaping would break the CSV). So, if you decide to use this method, I suggest translating incrementally and checking if the CSV import feature works properly.

Sorry for the late reply. It seems like you were able to solve all the issues on your own!
BTW, you can leave Core.cpk unpackedΓÇöjust ensure that the folder name is exactly Core.cpk (at exactly the same path as the original Core.cpk archive file).