You have a bad ping or disconnects? Let's check and fix!

Started by ai_enabled, August 14, 2019, 05:05:25 AM



If you have any issues with the network connection (high ping, disconnects), we could help you investigate the issue if you provide some information regarding the route from your PC to the game server.

But first of all, please try rebooting your router as we've noticed that almost 99% of the reports were resolved by doing this!

If you have tried rebooting the router but still have network issues, please follow this guide:
1. download this small tool
2. launch it and enter the game server IP address (without the port) as you see it in the game servers list (for example see this image (, the IP address is underlined in green color).
3. send your TXT results to together with your IP address (you can get it from Google ( We will quickly investigate and reply.

If you have random disconnects:
We have observed that some players, particularly those from Germany, are encountering issues with random disconnects. It appears that this problem is commonly associated with certain internet service providers (ISPs) that utilize DS-lite to tunnel IPv4 packets through IPv6. We recommend contacting your ISP's support service and inquiring whether they are using DS-lite and if they can disable this setting for you, as it's the cause of your connection issues.