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Game discussion / Next update
« on: May 13, 2014, 09:16:44 am »
Any idea when the next update will be out guys?
btw, I am liking the mines on your homepage and the Orca looking forward to trying them out :)

Ideas and suggestions / Some suggestions
« on: May 12, 2014, 10:00:29 am »
Just a few suggestions ive been thinking of..
1.  Background radio chat would be good, like in spaz and the KSP mod, world feels more real with background chatter.
2.  Along with mining asteroids for ore, you could also have people scan planets for gases (once  they have bought an appropriate scanner) for missions to aid the cause.
3.  Debris collection missions for scrap metal, also to get rid of these things!
4.  Different Hanger images, I know theres some variation but its not much
5.  Passenger transport missions - higher reward for high profile transports
6.  Ability to recruit crew of differnt skills lvls to improve/automate certain ship features, eg Engineers give you faster energy regen, gunners improve fire rate & range/damage, etc,
7.  Have the 'kill 5 pirates' missions get improved by making them slightly harder every time but with more reward each time.

Game discussion / Hype this game!
« on: May 11, 2014, 01:56:25 am »
I bought this game yesterday and I gotta say I wasnt expecting much because the screenshots, videos, and pre-release marketing didnt really impress me, but I am really happy that I did. you have a very good game here and its cheap as chips!
I'm glad you have a new PR person (with Crystal Rosen) because I want this game to do well but up until I saw the Scott manley video on youtube (which I subscribe to) I have never heard of it.    I have recommended it to my friends, and I am really looking forward to seeing how future developements will pan out.

Some negative points (and I appreciate its alpha and will change)..
1.  I managed to get the best ship and equipment after about 10hours of playing, prices need to be balanced.
2.  Sometimes its a bit dialog heavy, I appreciate a background story liek anyone but sometimes I just wanna shoot things!
3.  The Interface UI needs a rescale option
4.  The missions need a cancel button, I got a mission to get 270 ore and there was no way to get it but i was lumbered with it.

1.  Would be nice be able to Respond to distress calls (from traders under attack, damsels with broken ships..etc)
2.  Would be nice to have more communication options when chatting to friendlies
3.  Would love to be able to set a waypoint on the map.
4. Route planner would be nice, to tell me what jumpgates I have to go thru to get to my end destination.

I am really enjoying this game however and keep up teh great work! (but dont forget to Hype it up baby!!!! :)  )


Game discussion / Missing Scientist - I'm stuck
« on: May 11, 2014, 01:30:35 am »
Hi Guys

I am stuck and I dont know if its a bug but I am refering to the community for help.
Im on the 'missing scientist' mission where it says I have to go to Ult-something and check out 332, 257 coords, but when I go there there is nothing but 1 asteroid to 2 pieces of space debris.  I dont know what I'm doing wrong :(  pls help.


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