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Game discussion / Observations on A29
« on: January 26, 2021, 08:59:26 am »
played again on my own server / pc so made some observations
The Good
-New Monsters look nice but Thumper is annoying with his charge attack - best way of deal with it to lure it on a wall /ramp up and abuse the terrain
-new recipes are always noce for food , sadly not enough potato recipes

The Bad
- rubber is still a pain in the bum to get, also rubber trees should spawn in tropical areas more like nature
- coal spawn in tropical forest is just wrong mainly in germany where i live and we had coal mining it was temperate forests all along
- weapons have not enough durability (usually i mod them with 25% extra hp
- ammo stacks could be a bit bigger or make a bandolier mod you can equip on yourself
- events usually happen too often (meteorites / space debris)
- almost no recipes for blue herbs from the swamps
- oil refinery produces too much fuel, i usually use mineral oil a lot but fuel sits like forever there
- Black powder recipe should be more balanced like 5 of each ressource
- snakes hit with too mich poison percentage per hit
- you dont get often broken /injured limbs from fighting wolves /boars
- Anti toxin recipe should use toxin instead of slime
The ugly (Bugs)
-Equipped Super heavy armor and didnt got an achievement on steam

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