Author Topic: A noob's first impression of CryoFall so far (A17)  (Read 996 times)


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A noob's first impression of CryoFall so far (A17)
« on: December 18, 2018, 06:44:36 am »
Hi all, today is my fifth day in the CryoFall! I learned english as foreign language, so please excuse my horrible writing  :-[

First of all, I really appreciate devs and communities effort to develop this game until current status.
Feels like somethings are missing while I'm playing, but I fully understand we're in public alpha stage and actually I enjoyed my experiences at the CryoFall. This game has really massive potential and I would love to see it's growing.

Here's my few thoughts about CryoFall
  • Tier upgrade is quite steep and boring.
  • I have to do/learn everything by myself.
  • These monsters are somewhat... peaceful.

Okay, then let me explain these.

1. In A17 version, we have total 39 quests that finish with T2 technologies upgrade. The reason why I completed all of these quests is because they are great resource for acquiring LPs. Well, at least that's what I feel about the quests.
They are teaching something useful with instruction and also it's very rewarding -as i said, free LPs!- , so this is the decent way to provide tutorial I guess. The problem is, if we finish the last one, then we can't earn easy LPs like before and you'll have to put tremendous time to learn about game system and get to next tier.
Like, I'm using @Djekke's CNEI mod but I still have no idea what exactly is Hygroscopic granules. :o
I hope devs are preparing more quest for the next update so newbies can learn something faster and get mingle with OGs more easily.

2. I used to play at the official North America server when the most of americans in the bed.  -My timezone is JST- In the five days of experience, there was only 1 fight with people when I passed by their base.
So I think it's not a exaggeration if I say that there's nobody to fight or co-op with. I expect more players after CryoFall's official realease, maybe this issue is temporary I guess.

3. It's about AI. I know devs are already addressed this issue at the roadmap so I just want to suggest something about it. What do you think if the animals troop together and attak random player's land claim continuously? So for these unlucky players, give them some prep time before the steapede. when the time has come, spawn the animals based on target area's land tier. (i.e. t1 wolves -> t2 lizards -> t3 bears -> t4 sand crawlers) Of course the animal's damage parameter should be adjusted. (differentiate their damage to player and building) This could add some tension in the game.

Thx for taking your time to read this. And kudos to our passionate devs and players! ;D