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auto fire recoil
« on: November 19, 2019, 01:52:45 am »
hello i test all guns and:
1 10mm submachine gun and .300 heavy machine gun is fine
2 military shotgun with 12-Gauge Buckshot Charge and 12-Gauge Pellets Charge are fine
3 laser rifle is +/- fine
4 8mm machine pistol and military shotgun with 12-Gauge Slug Ammo have ridiculous recoil.... on distance 2-3m it looks like 45 degrees


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Re: auto fire recoil
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2019, 06:04:35 am »
Thank you for testing the guns! The traces+ballistics update is an important milestone to add variety to the game weapons and adjust the balance (as previously automatic weapons were heavily overpowered).

The first 3 shots are usually very accurate for every (semi-)automatic weapon. Firing the short bursts and giving your character an about a second to re-aim the weapon (aiming cooldown), allows performing accurate shots. The crosshair is changing its appearance accordingly. This way every player has an option to fire accurate rare shots or unload the whole magazine at a cost of lower accuracy. BTW, the fire sequence pattern is always the same per weapon (similar to CS:GO).

When making the ballistics update we wanted to ensure that:
- Pistols are good for medium-range combat (their DPS is simply too low for close combat, and their max range is limited).
- Shotguns and 8mm machine pistol are best on the close-to-medium range (but in the latter case you would need to wait for aiming cooldown to make accurate shots).
- 10mm SMG and .300 cal MG are best for medium range but also good for long-range shots if recoil is managed.
- .300 cal rifle and laser rifle are great for long-range shots.
- Plasma rifle is good for medium range and it doesn't have recoil, but it has a spray effect similar to a shotgun's buckshot (which is good when you're fighting a group of enemies or getting close to the target).

8mm machine pistol indeed has a large recoil but it also got +20% damage boost to compensate for its degraded accuracy. So it could be successfully used in full-auto mode on a close range and it would be superior to Luger or similar pistols (and comparable to a shotgun). It's still usable on a larger range if used like a pistol, by making separate shots or very short bursts.
The same applies to a military shotgun. If we make it more accurate when used in the full-auto mode it would have much advantage against other weapons for the medium range.

We will consider adjusting everything later, as we gather more feedback from the players!