Low graphics config on restart makes game bug [v0.8.4.c][both]

Started by Tyren, July 22, 2014, 08:02:42 AM


Game version:0.8.4.c
Game mode:both (its before the selection of multiplayer or single player)
Bug Location: after the cinematic when games launches
Steps to Reproduce: low images definitions (fastest)
Reproduction Rate: i encounter it many times
Screenshot: noone sorry

Bug Description:
i tried many times to set a low resolution with the fastest config for gameplay, with a low backgrounds + no flare no special effects... (it's hard to survive in space with little lags)
and then the game shut down after the short cinematic introduction where we can see the logo of atomic torch studio

so i delete the game folder , reinstall, and just reduce the backgrounds details and special effects and it works

maybe it could be useful for someone, i hope

ps :
thanks for the game's team, its very great !!! ^^


Hello! Thanks for reporting!
Everything improved greatly with last patch v0.9.0 (released as the Experimental build) - this and other issues were resolved.