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Miners Heaven

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7nqpxM9uS_wZV92eUVtSTZJYTg/edit?usp=sharing

How to install the mod?
-Click on the download link above
-on the upper edge of the website click on download
-select download location
-open the downloaded zip-file
-open your Void Expanse installation folder (For Windows it is by default: "C:\Users\%YourUsername%\AppData\Local\AtomicTorchStudio\Launcher\Games\VoidExpanse")
-create a backup of your "ModsConfig.xml" (E.g. rename it to "1ModsConfig.xml")
-unzip the downloaded zip file into this folder
-start the game
-have fun! :)

Title: Miners Heaven
Author: BeLugh
Mod version: 0.0.1
Game version: 0.9.6c
Game mode: SP/ MP (untested)

Miners Heaven is a mod for void expanse which extends the mining part by a large scale making the prospector class really fun to play.

Here are some key features:
-exchanged the 6 ingame ores with 16 real resources:
silicon, nickel, copper, iron, zirconium, silver, gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, water, manganese, helium-3, uranium, iridium and osmium.
-you will not be able to start extracting all minerals. The civilian mining device is only capable of extracting silicon ore and the first real mining lasers are only able to extract silicon, nickel and copper. You should try to find asteroids containing all of this 3 resources to level up faster!
-mining ranged is reduced alot when you start the game. You have to get quite close o the asteroids until you enhance your mining range skill
-mining lasers require a lot of energy to work, this way your fuel tank is not useless anymore!
-The skilltree for mining is exclusive now. It got a complete makeover with some new icons and very special abilities. The ability i pefer most is "silan generator". It converts all freshly extracted silicon into fuel, which extends your mining trips by minutes and always frees your cargo from this cheap ore
-10 different rocky asteroids, 3 ice and 3 lava ones can occur in every system now
-asteroids differ much more in size, although it is not possible yet to make the mineralhold depending on scale as one variable (ResQ) is not working yet
-When mining minerals the amount you extract is random (0.25+random(0-1)^2*0.75) (highest chance for 0.25, lowest chance for 1.00 realized by a square function)

Plans for next versions:
-adding skills to improve ice/lava asteroid mining (right now i can't differ the types in scripts)
-skills for improved ice/lava asteroid extraction
-more hulls and generators, level resriction for geneators
-higher level equipments and some more skills (to fill the skilltree being able to spend all skill points until lvl 99 in it.
-anomalies: random events when mining. Getting bonus xp, gold, finding special items, spawning pirates, etc...
-debris collector: finally you can collect all those debris and convert it into ores! they have a much higher concentration of metals
-consumable which will spawn a turret to your aid
-cruisers will get a skill to produce turrets which you can spawn. Producing those turrets will cost some ores.
-maybe adding the first heavy cruiser to the game (cargo ship)

Right now the game has enough content to be played up to about level 55

When you have more ideas i can try to add them earlier or later :)
Suggestions are always welcome!!!


This is way better than the default Asteroid-mining system. Awesome work!! I am eager to test that.



Im sorry to inform you that i decided to polish it up before releasing its first alpha :-) I got stuck with using effects from skills in functions and today i tried playing it. there are still several bugs. also i try to improve the gameplay by adjusting the mining device prices resource prices and experiance gain/ fuel consumption. Btw i made "asteroid mining" to be the only skill a prospector starts with but it costs 100points to purchase to prevent other classes from getting into this skill tree. also i need to create icons for the skills and adjust/expand them.  i also hope to find a way to get rid of glepsite etc in shops without crashing the game

For the last bit, and not getting stuff to show up in stores... should be able to just set the shop level to something high, like 99.  Then shops will no longer attempt to stock it unless it has a special flag (like civilian, ect).

Wow, that seems like fun. Definitely will try it myself when you release it :)


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