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Im honored :-)
Lurler can you please help me with the function problem i have so i can release the mod earlier? i have crated a new effect and wanted to fix the mining experience. both values are changed (i tried it with percent and value) but when i try to read then with getcurrentvalue or getfinalcachevalue they are always 0 i got no chance to read them out after they got increased by skills. but i need to fix at least the mining experience. or is it possible to read out the skoll level in functions?

can you create an example how to do something like this? i bet several modders will get this problem in the future without a tutorial. i know that in calculateship.js you can maximize a value if it is a sum of others to create a current value of their finalcachevalues. bt then the finalcachevalue should be possible to read at least. first i tried mining experience as special like it was and now as instance but both dont work. calculate also didnt work. can you explain it please? :-/

Can you show me what exactly you do which isn't working?
Then I will be able to tell you how to fix it to make it work.

Sure. Right now i am not at home, so i can't uplaod the script and the xml.

I hope you can help out somehow, Lurler.
I have added an effect  energy_consumption_mining. I have added it to effect definitions (first i tried calculate, then special as well as instance). A skill is created which should decrease the energy consumption of mining by % so i have said it for like 10 levels, each level it should reduce by 2.5%
On the skill summary it is showing correctly, but when i try to use it in a trigger GetCurrentValue(ship_id, "energy_consumption_mining") it always retrieves the value 0 (i even tried to multipaly by 100 as it might be possible that during the GetCurrentvalue it is rounding to integer somehow. As it did nto work i tried GetFinalCacheValue, but it is 0 again.

The same thing i tried for mining experience (as it is not fixed yet ingame, it is not included in the experience calculation, only in skills and effects definitions) GetFinalCacheValue(ship_id,"mining_experience") even mining_experience_special, every try i always received 0. When you fix mining_experience as it is needed anyway and post the script of 0.9.6 for modulemining.js here or on pm i might get the rest on myself, except when something else blocks it.
So either i am missing something, i am using the GetCurrent/GetFinalCache or something in a wrong way or there is even someting else.

I hope you can help out somehow. The earliest time i can upload my files would be in about 5 hours from now.

I've been waiting for a good mining mod, Prospector seems to be the only real way to play at this point, what with Traders not being able to get Xp, and fighters making such pitiful cash.

It'd be awesome to see the mining system fleshed out a bit.
Now, a question....can modders add ships in?
Because right now, the Endeavor seems to be the best mining ship available....and since you can get it practically instantly....there's no incentive to ever upgrade your hull.

I'm not sure if this is something you could do as a simple modder....but more mining ships would be nice.
I seriously want like....this massive superheavy Planetcracker with thousands of Cargo space and like....six mining lasers that can stripmine asteroids in seconds. :D
That'd be sweet.

I have send you an e-mail with the download link Lurler, i hope it helps you to figure out my problem and how to fix mining_experience as well as energy_consumption_mining
i just cant read out those values, they are always 0 no matter what i do. I even tred to make it 1 with a skill, when i read it, it was still 0... so strange. I guess have to insert it in a different way in the bracket of GetFinalCacheValue(.....).
Also i found a bug which noone mentioned so far if i am not wrong.

-When you are out of fuel you do not generate any more energy, thats right. But you can still travel at normal speed and even go in crusing mode....
In my mod fuel is consumed in like a minute and later even faster... There is no point right now in saving some fuel to get back as it only influences your shields and how long you can still go for ore extraction :/

I guess there is no function right now to lower speed/prevent cruising when you are out of fuel.


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