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YT-1300 Light Freighter (Millenium Falcon)

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Depreciated - Use this mod insted - http://forums.atomictorch.com/index.php?topic=628.0

Title: YT-1300 Light Freighter (Millenium Falcon)




Updated to 1.1.0!
(see post)


Adds the Corellian Engineering Corporations YT-1300 Light Freighter (Millennium Falcon) from Star Wars to the game.

That's three hulls, a radar dish, and a quad laser turret.

Pirates may also spawn in this hull.

With Expanded Traders, this mod will also have traders spawn in the YT-1300 hull

Detailed Description:

This mod actually adds a couple of things to the game:

The YT-1300 hull

The YT-1300 is first and foremost a freighter, with a fairly high cargo capacity. It's a hardy ship, with two 360 degree tier 2 energy turrets, and a slow moving energy slot intended for the radar attachment (see below). The high cargo capacity and armour rating comes at a cost of maneuverability.


Structure Value: 4300
Armor Value: 6
Cargo Capacity: 600
Maneuverability: -40%

There is a Millennium Falcon variant with beefed stats and a missile slot, as well as a variant with a clone wars era paint job (no stat change).

The Radar dish attatchment (takes up an energy weapon slot)

Technically a Tier 1 Energy weapon, this device acts to compliment the existing radar array, increasing its range, targiting speed and targiting range. The cost is the fact that it takes up an energy weapon slot. This can be used an any hull that has an energy weapon slot.


Radar Range: +15
Radar Targeting Range: +10
Radar Targeting Speed: +50
Energy Consumption: 1

Quad Laser Turret

Adds what is basically an updated version of the plasma cannon, firing Star Wars style energy bolts.

(Optional) Millenium Falcon themed avatar items

Adds avatar items to the game, so when you create your caracter, you are able to re-create
Han Solo, Lando Calarissian, or even Chewbacca.
Please note that this will also affect NPCs, and they may have these face-parts (or even be a Wookie!)

Breaching The Core compatible version:

There is an alternate file which has been re-balanced for Breaching the Core


Hull & weapon stats re-balanced to match BTC values
Han solo class now spawns in a unique civillian variant of the YT-1300 with unique turret
Radar dish has a hull requirement "Use Radar Dish"
Icons changed to match BTC set

Ha, it was bound to happen sooner or later! :)
Big respect. It looks great!


As I said, that was just me adjusting to new software. Expect something more original next!

I do have to say that looks incredible.  Well played, sir. :)

Any interests in taking on project requests, perchance?  I've tried to make some stuff, but... Blender and I, we're still not really on speaking terms right now.  It doesn't seem to want to help me with making the UV layer work correctly, so everything I try to produce comes out black as night and won't hold a texture. :|

PS, now I see why you were asking the questions about the radar dish object. ;)

Thank you very much   ;D

That radar continues to be a conundrum! Although it looks funny putting a laser turret there!

I'd be more than happy to take on any requests, just let me know what you would like, description, images, whatever, and I'll take it from there  :)

Blender's a very wild beast to tame after using Max, but once you get your head around the differences, things to fall in to place, and you end up thinking "oh, that makes much more sense... why did you make it so complicated, max?"


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