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What ship should I build next?

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It seems unlikely, but I think warp works for fighters too. I think with fighters, warp should be shorter, but recharges faster.

Testing out you should be able to do on an existing model though, yeah?  Just drop the scale and hitbox a fair bit and give it more maneuverability traits.

Though for me, personally, playing them may not really ever be an issue until the alternate control scheme is put in and we see how it works.  As it is, frigates can get a little rough for me to control once you have some good skills.  I oversteer them like whoa. >.>

Yeah, that's exactly what I've done. Currently have a micro-banshee whizzing around  ;D

As you said, high skill levels means you're turning like a madman! Might be worth having a few levels of fighter, where the higher levels are closer to the  frigates in terms of manoeuvrability... or something.

I'll play some more and see what I can get


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