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USS Enterprise Hull (2009 Movie Version)

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Title: USS Enterprise Hull
Author: FlessenGreendart
Description: Adds the Constitution Class Starship Enterprise from Star Trek (2009) to the game.
Mod version: 1.1.0
Game version: 1.2.x
Game mode: Singleplayer, but should work multiplayer if server and clients are using it.

Detailed Description:

The Constitution Class Hull

The  Constitution Class is large cruiser, and is fairly good all round.
It's has 2 tier 2 energy turrets, a tier 3 enegy turret, positioned forward, port and starboard sides of the main hull, and a tier 3 missile turret at the front of the engineering hull.


Structure Value: 5500
Armour: 15
Cargo Capacity: 200
Radar Targeting Defence: -10%
Maneuvering: -45%


The main hull mod should work with everything, but if you're using an overhaul mod, balancing may be a bit off.



 - Scaled hull to fit everything better
 - Minor re-balancing of stats

 - Initial Release

Great work! Can't wait to see Normandy ;)

You want to make separate mods to every ship? I think they all will be added to BTC, but may be somebody wants to have only all of you models without BTC(there is many wierd crazy people around the world ;)).

Thanks  :)

I will be releasing the ships individually for now, until I have enough to warrant a compilation. At least this way, people can pick and choose what they want.
At the moment, these mods aren't scaled for BTC, but instead work with vanilla. I will be releasing BTC versions of my mods, with the stats and skill requirements fitting in soon.

Sounds logical ;)

so i spent forever grind to get this ship simply because i love it, however i can't use it because it auto docks every time i try to undock with it... i bought all the other heavy cruisers to see if it a game bug but this is the only ship it happens in, any ideas why?


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