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It's been a while since I updated this, but I've decided to take it a step further:
This mod now adds more than just some variety to the traders, but also adds faction patrols!

This mod is developed for version 1.2.1 of VoidExpanse, and may be  incompatible with any upcoming versions of the game.

Title: Expanded NPC Ships
Author(s): Flessen


Adds variety to the NPCs flying around the VoidExpanse.
This mod allows other mods to utilise this feature.

Mod version: 1.3.1
Game version: 1.2.0

Game mode: Singleplayer/Multiplayer

Detailed Description:

This mod changes the script for how traders are spawned from the hardcoded freighter to a randomly picked npc using a similar algorithm to how Pirates are picked. This allows traders to fly more ships than just the Freighter hull.

Also, the same is done for faction "patrols" who wander the galaxy, they will only spawn in their factions territory, or neutral territory. The ships used by these patrols is also picked in the same way.

Other modders can add their custom hulls to the list that these NPCs spawn in.

On its own, this mod adds a chance for traders to spawn in an Endeavor hull, Order patrols to spawn in a Fang, Freedom patrols to spawn in a Stingray, and Fanatics patrols to spawn in an Avalanche Mk II.

Info for modders

To utilise this mod, all you need to do is create an npc (data/npcs) similar to the human_tradership, and put this code inside the data tag:

--- Code: ---<!-- special info for automatic spawning -->
<tags>trader</tags> <!-- trader, OrderPatrol, FreedomPatrol, FanaticsPatrol -->
<chance>75</chance> <!-- chance that the NPC will spawn in this hull -->
--- End code ---

Simple as that. If the mod user doesn't have this mod installed, they won't see the NPCs, but it won't break their game.

Load order:

Make sure this mod is high in the load order, but after any overhaul mods



 - Updated to conform with Version 1.2.1 of VE
 - Updated to conform with Version 1.2.x of VE
 - Expanded the mod to include NPC patrols
 - Added faction hulls for the patrols

 - Updated to conform with Version 1.0.x of VE

 - Updated to conform with Version 0.15.x of VE

Updated to match today's release

Updated to match 0.10.3

Updated to match 0.15.3

Updated for version 1.0.1 (and maybe 1.0.2, will check once it becomes stable)


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