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Nebula-1C0 hull - Top tier trade ship

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--- Quote from: Nico on December 03, 2014, 12:08:11 pm ---I made this ship with people like me in mind. I'm not into fighting. I'm happy running around doing quests and trade routes, and for that style of gameplay, this ship fits the bill. It can defend itself if attacked. It just obviously cant go off and fight high level things. But it can throw off a couple of EMPs and run away or knock the attackers off with the 360 turret.

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This is a style of play I also tend to gravitate to (and then randomly switch off and bounty hunt, because.... bounty hunting). And I'm certainly the kind of player that will sink all his time and money into finding the niche ship that gives me the most bonuses for what I'm currently focusing on. So this kind of ship seems to be be something I'd really enjoy using in the game. I wouldn't expect to to be able to take on high level ships. Or even a  bunch of mid to low level ones. But enough firepower to hopefully hold them off until I could get to safety.

/drools at the prospect of prospecting in that ship


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