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Nebula-1C0 hull - Top tier trade ship

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I mean the cargo holds are a bit too much. But since it is a mod, I have no power here! The decision is yours :)


--- Quote from: Lurler on December 02, 2014, 07:59:23 pm ---I mean the cargo holds are a bit too much. But since it is a mod, I have no power here! The decision is yours :)

--- End quote ---

Every input is valuable. Even more so coming from the minds behind the game.
My reasoning was that the attack ships get a huge boost in weapons, like the Aurora and Deathbringer, so a trade ship would get a boost in the cargo hold. Would 1600 total cargo hold be more reasonable? Since the Endeavor has 400, the Freighter doubles to 800. So we would double it again for the next tier?

I admittedly didn't play it yet, but if you're tweaking the cargo and trying to balance you could do that with the weight as well, IMO.  Like ya said, you're talking a moneymaker versus a combat ship... so the key question is, with that cargo, how much money can it make as a trader?  If you increased the mass and keep the -70% maneuver, it's going to accelerate so slowly that it'll take 2-3x longer to hop from station to station, thus offsetting the amount made per trip.

Or, napkin math, if you set the cargo to say 3200 (4x that of the freighter) but it takes 2x longer on each hop... it's actually only twice as profitable.  That doesn't seem so out of line to me, especially for a ship costing that much.

Well, the thing is - you can definitely do narrowly specialized ships, and they will be balanced on their own, and in their area.
But the way we try to make the core game is that even in a cargo ship you can still reasonably fight, fly around and do everything you can do in a combat ship. Naturally not a good as having a specialized ship, but still good enough.
So, really reducing other properties and boosting just one would definitely balance the ship, but would it be fun to play? I'm not sure. At least not for a core game. You would have to do some trading or mining, then go back and switch to your other hull.
However for a mod it might actually be good, since it will change the balance and allow for some variation from a standard play. Which is why I would love to see people breaking conventions and creating really different mods!

All valid points and I thank you for the input.

I made this ship with people like me in mind. I'm not into fighting. I'm happy running around doing quests and trade routes, and for that style of gameplay, this ship fits the bill. It can defend itself if attacked. It just obviously cant go off and fight high level things. But it can throw off a couple of EMPs and run away or knock the attackers off with the 360 turret.

I've been busy with work but once I get some free time again I'll lower the cargo to 1600 and maybe increase the mass as you suggested and see how that plays out.


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