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Mod: Cargo Pods (add cargo space to your ships)

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Title: Cargo Pods
Author(s): Loudent
Description: Adds a set of cargo pods as boosters
Mod version:1.1.0
Game version:1.1.8
Game mode: SP (MP maybe)
Download: Steam Workshop or from the nexus at:http://www.nexusmods.com/voidexpanse/mods/9/?

Miners and traders only have a couple of ships that work for them. Everything else has like 100 cargo space. This is a set of cargo pods that you can add to your ship in the booster slot. It adds space at the cost of speed, acceleration and maneuverability.

Cargo Pod - requires engineering 1 space 50
Cargo Pod Mk2 - requires engineering 3 space 75
Cargo Pod Mk3 - requires engineering 4 space 100
Cargo Pod Mk3 - requires engineering 5 space 150

In all cases speed and acceleration are -5 and maneuverability -10


Hi, i think this is a fantastic idea, i got the mod immediately but i cant see the item to buy it, do i need to start a new universe or does it show up rarely on my previous save?

Also i don't have a clue about moding, but i was thinking since there are boosters to shield and hull capacity, would it be possible to get some that boost weapon damage by a percentage? E.G a booster that increases Energy damage by 20% that requires Engineering 4 or something like that? them obviously you'd have one for Ballistic, Missiles and mines too.

It seems to be the nature of the game. Not every station has every item (it's true of the core items as well). So you might have to fly around a bit to find them. This seems exacerbated in max size galaxies.

A hint: the level 1 cargo pods can be found anywhere, the level 2 will need tech 10 or higher, the level 3 will need a system with tech 20 or higher and the level 4 cargo pods will need a system with tech 35 or over.

The next mod I'll probably work on is something that increases the chance that some items will show up in a shop although I'm not sure how to do that yet :)

EDIT: No, you don't need to start a new game. The item will show up in a saved game just fine

ok thanks, i'll keep on looking

Let me know when you find them. I'd be interested in any feedback.


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